Surprise Release

March is practically over and, delightfully, Hannah has let me out of my cock cage a couple of times. Just for a bit of relief. And she is wonderfully strict. “You can make your little mess but let’s get this done quickly.” I have about a minute to get hard before Hannah begins to pinch my nipples and telling me “Now hurry up. Make your little cockett squirt. Then you can lick up every drop.” It doesn’t take long and I have to clean up the mess I’ve made in the sake cup. Hannah doesn’t even let me take the cock cage ring which goes behind my balls off when I am masturbating for her. As soon as I have liked up the last drop of my come she’ll say,”Did you enjoy that Darling… Good. Now get your cage back on and we’ll put you away again.” I stuff my limp cock in my cage and the Lady of the House snaps the padlock shut.

I am a very lucky man.

(According to our Amazon statistics this month fourteen husbands and boyfriends had cock cages ordered for them. Enforced chasitity is not for every male but it is a wonderful way of affirming your position in a Female Led Relationship. For men in my position who are not yet locked up, maybe April will be the month when your wife or girlfriend takes the decision to finally end your control of your sexuality. I have to say that since I have been caged I have been happier, more relaxed and even more deeply submissive than I ever was when my cock was in my control. Yes, morning erections – particularly with my regime of low dose Viagra, are uncomfortable but that is an excellent alarm clock so I can get on with making Hannah’s tea and doing my morning meditation in the corner with my nose pressed in her panties. A cock cage makes a man’s submission constant and irrevocable. As it should be.)


“So darling,I have to go into town for a couple of hours after breakfast. You’ve been a bit frisky and not quite as respectful as I expect. When I’m gone I want you to wash the floors. Sponge and on your knees because the mop doesn’t quite do the job I expect. When you are done that there are a pile of bras which I want you to carefully hand wash. And do those panties you are pressing into the corner. Then take a good long shower.

When you’ve done all that I want you back in your cage. The keys are on my dressing table. It’s that time in your cycle when it is best for your little cock to be completely isolated. You get much too over excited after a couple of weeks and we don’t want any messes.”

“Yes Miss.” I said naked in my corner.

“Well you think about that in your corner until you hear the timer ring. When I’m in town I am going to be thinking about how we can improve your attitude. Being locked up will help but I am pretty sure we need to do more than that.”