corner time for husband

Of Course You Need a Whipping

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Bend over…

“Well it has been much too long since you’ve been whipped darling. So pull up your nighty and bend over.”

Hannah was right, it had been too long. Holidays, good behaviour, the lasting effects of a daily ten minutes pressing her panties into my corner and thinking of her. Perhaps the little black chastity cage where my cock has been since New Years Eve reminds me to be on my best behaviour. But I had not been whipped for weeks.

There was no nonsense with Hannah. I took my position and I heard the cane slice through the air. The first six strokes were fairly light as Hannah found her range. The next six were firmer and the cane began to bite.

“Lovely. All nice and red. But now dear it is time for you to have some real stripes. Six should be sufficient today.”

With that Hannah drew her cane back and put some real force into the next stroke. She has whipped me harder but not much. Three more strokes lined my bottom and I knew what was coming. After the straight strokes are the crosses where Hannah brings her cane down at 45 degrees and each place it crosses an earlier stroke is blistered. I braced for the first cross stroke and vocalized as it came. Two more each an inch away from the last and Hannah was done.

“Now, you can go to your corner and think about how much you want to avoid a punishment caning this year. And no rubbing.”

Hannah peeled off her moist panties and pointed me to my corner, bottom blazing.

“I’ll call you when you’re done.” she said leaving me in my corner.

Loved, cherished and slightly bruised.

Conversation in the Corner

dominant woman, submissive husband, corner time“Darling, I am so pleased with how much weight you have lost. It is nearly the end of the month and here you are with only a pound to go. The girdles obviously work but so do the two mile dog walks and just a glass of wine for cocktails.”

I was standing naked pressing Hannah’s yesterdays panties into my corner with my nose. When I am in my corner I just listen.

“And I am very pleased with how hard you have been working.” said Hannah coming up behind me. “But, darling, I am afraid I have been neglecting your maintenance. I know I clipped your nipples but that is just not the same thing is it really? Of course it isn’t.”

“So, tonight, before cocktails, I want you to go upstairs and wait for me. I don’t want to have to say anything more to you today. You just go and put yourself into position. You can take your girdle off.”

As she told me this she had her hand on my cock and she could feel me getting harder.

“Well, I see you like the sounds of that. What fun this will be with your new cage. Now wait for the timer to go and you can get dressed and get to work.”

With a none too gentle slap to my butt Hannah was off to her day. I listened for the timer. Content and very much in love.

An Evening

dominant wifeThe doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

Hannah had been quite clear. She was having a Miss Black for a glass of bubbly wine and, perhaps, if they got along she might put me through my submissive husband paces. But, at the very least, I was to serve and be silent.

“And Darling, I will want you dressed appropriately. I’ve left a few things in my sewing room. Get dressed and then you can go downstairs and prepare a few hors d’oeuves.”

Appropriate dress turned out to be a very tight high waisted, side zipping open bottomed girdle in white, quite thick stockings in taupe, a white underwired A-cup front closing bra, pair of beautifully pleated, thin, light cream coloured palazzo pants, a plain white blouse and a pair of cream peep toe mules. Plus Hannah had left three other items and a pretty note.


I know how much you are looking forward to serving this evening. I hope you like your outfit.

You know what to do with the lipstick and mascara. Just a hint of each.

And you know what to do with our lovely stainless steel intruder. I’m afraid you should use the lube sparingly as you’ll be holding it in for the evening and you’ll note I’ve not put out any panties. If it drops I will be very cross. Make sure you put the big end in.


Hannah (more…)

Hannah Relaxes

dominant wife

lady of the house

Hannah writes about her evening at her dominant wife blog. Relaxing for her, a bit less so for me. I passed my one month chastity mark. Hannah is showing no signs at all of being in the least bit concerned. In fact, last night she teased me a little as I was getting ready for bed.

She has nipple trained me which means that it is nearly impossible for me to ejaculate without her pinching my nipples; but it is almost impossible not to when she pinches, especially if she uses her lovely long nails. Which she did last night but without any verbal permission I just had to lie back in my nightie and pantie girdle and let her enjoy my acute discomfort. She pinched my erect nipple through the thin cotton of my white nightie. She would put on a lot of pressure for a few seconds with the tips of her fingernails and then ease off a little only to repeat the pain a few seconds latter. My cockette, I am embarrassed to say, leaked precum in my pantigirdle and I had to go to sleep in the wetness of my mess.

I so hope she lets me ejaculate sometime before Halloween.

The Corner

Darling Hannah was a bit mad a few days ago. I’d been cheeky. She’d not been amused.

I’ll be brief: she left a pair of deep “in heat” panties at the end of the bed. “Nose to the corner…naked…I’ll be up later.”

Now, with your nose buried in the scent of the panties the lady of the house has worn the day before, a man in my position is very happy indeed. And now it is warm, rather than freezing, in my corner. But the position itself is awkward and a tiny bit painful. I was longing for her footsteps. And longing and longing.

When you are in the corner you know you will be released eventually. But that can be a while. And it was. And, worse, even when Hannah came upstairs, she dawdled. Went back downstairs. And then up and dawdled again.

Corner time is about mindfulness…thinking of the lady of the house. Thinking about what I am being punished for. Staying in that place makes me ready for the punishment to come. Or simply happy

Mainly happy.