cum drinking



“So Darling…Go and get your little cup. I want your little cock to spurt quickly tonight.”

I hastened to comply. It has been several weeks since I have been allowed to ejaculate. I stood beside Hannah’s side of the bed.

“Now lift up your nighty Dear. tuck it under your chin so I can pinch your nipples and get your silly little thing to make is mess. I don’t have all night. Tomorrow morning you are going to your corner with my panties and then I am going to give you a good whipping. I have been neglectful. But by having you come tonight you’ll be all soft in the morning and your stripes will sting just a little bit more.”

Her sweet words were all I needed. I came and caught every bit in my iron saki cup.

“Very good. Now drink your medicine and go to sleep. You have a big day tomorrow and I want to make sure you start it with a neat dozen welts on your pretty little bottom.”

I drank my come and tucked in.


dominant wife“Now Dear, I have to go out but, before I go I’m going to give you a good maintenance whipping. Now get those pants of and get on your knees and ask for your discipline.”

I instantly complied and, kneeling and looking up at my lovely wife said, “Darling, would you take the trouble to whip your loving husband. Just as hard and as long as you feel I need?”

“I certainly will. Just lie over the end of the bed and we can get started.”

I draped myself across the bed, tips of my toes touching the floor. The Lady of the House wasted no time and gave me a delicious and very firm hand warm up. Brisk strokes from side to side for a couple of minutes. “There we are, all nice and pink and ready for my pretty cane.”

Hannah’s cane whistled through the air and a line of fire slashed across my bottom. She paused, corrected her stance a bit and began to whip me in earnest. Not at all full force. I was not being punished, just reminded. But hard enough that I was vocalizing by the sixth stroke and flexing up on my tip toes until she, finally, stopped at twelve.

“Now darling, I know how much you hate it when I am not firm with you so, before you jerk your little cockette into your cup, I want you to really feel these.”

The only thing which changed was that Hannah now gave me six strokes swinging from her shoulder rather than her wrist. Still far from even half strength these last strokes raised a welt with each swing.

“Excellent. Here’s your cup. I don’t have all day to watch you jerk that little thing. Come on.” and as she said this her hand went up my shirt and, after flicking my nipple erect, Hannah dug her nails in to signal that I was to come. I was not even completely hard as I made my mess in the cup.

“Now drink it all up and lick the bottom. You really are very sweet. I’ve left my handwashing in its basket…I’ll be home for cocktails.” And with that my wonderful wife went out the door.


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Fill the Cup

“Good morning Darling” said Hannah rather perkily. “I have a busy day but I thought it would be a good idea to drain your little cock so you can concentrate on work. You can get out of bed and kneel right here. That’s it. Here’s your cup. Now lift your night shirt so I can give your nipples what they need for you to squirt.”

I lifted up the white cotton shirt Hannah has me sleep in. She brushed my nipples with her nails.

“OK, dear, now jerk your little cock until you make your mess. I don’t have all day.” with that she began to dig her fingernails into my nipples.

“So, darling, once you’ve made you little mess I want you to shower and put on one of your panti girdles for the day. A bit later you have some corner time coming and I think it might be a good idea to give you another whipping just so you remember exactly how obedient I require you to be. The welts seem to have disappeared from your last whipping.”

I was rock hard now and Hannah’s sharp nails were sending waves of painful pleasure right to my cock.

“Stop wasting time dear, come right now.”

And I did half filling the cast iron sake cup.

“Well dear, you know what to do with that.” said Hannah “Let me see you drink it all down.”

Which, of course, I did.

So rinse that out, shower and I will leave a girdle out for you.”

Hannah turned on her heel and left me kneeling, spent and happy.

Pleasure of a Sort

disciplined husband Every so often Hannah likes to have me masturbate into my cast iron saki cup. Usually in the morning as we are getting up and she can see my erection.

“Get your cup.” she said having first had me slip out of my night shirt and sleeping panties. I hastened to comply. I had not cum in a week or two. But I also knew Hannah had certain rules for my morning masturbation. It is very much a demonstration of her power and my submission. I have to stand or kneel, always naked, always holding the cup in my left hand and my cock in my right. I start when she tells me to, stop when told to, usually Hannah will let me cum; but not always.

“You may begin” said Hannah. I was naked and hard as I pulled my cock standing at my side of the bed. Hannah watched for a little while.

“We really are going to have to find you a couple of pretty nighties for the winter”. Hannah has wanted to have me in more feminine sleep wear for some time. As she said this she reached up and pinched my left nipple quite hard. I have been trained never to come without having my nipples pinched and, when they are pinched, I know I must finish quickly.

“Come on, jerk off into your cup. Let’s go…You don’t have to make a big production out of making your little mess.” As she spoke Hannah dug her fingernails into my nipple.

I came in three short spurts. Huge relief after a couple of weeks.

“Excellent. Now drink up your little mess and go and make coffee.”

I am rarely allowed to masturbate without having to taste the results. Not unpleasant, just deeply humiliating. Hannah watched and when I was finished flipped open a magazine.

Perfect. I made coffee.

Wanted – Heavier Cane

There is a wonderful matter of factness to Hannah’s discipline. A few days ago I was trussed up for a punishment whipping. I had not done anything terribly wrong but I had displeased the lady of the house in a number of small ways and I was going to be well caned.

As is her way, Hannah took a few practice strokes before beginning in earnest. Satisfied with position and aim my whipping commenced and in no time my bottom flamed and I was vocalizing. Hannah switched to her back hand. A few strokes in she paused. “I need a heavier cane. This is too light and it’s developed a curve.” She finished, with her imperfect cane delivering eighteen more strokes. She released me and told me to stand up before I had even recovered. She had noticed that, perhaps because of the lightness of her cane I had developed an erection despite my well striped bottom.

“Stand with your feet together, at attention.” I did and she went to fetch my iron saki cup. “Masturbate and don’t spill a drop.” I stood, naked, masturbating as Hannah pinched my nipples with her long fingernails. In no time I began to ejaculate into my little cup.

“Finish” said Hannah. I raised the cup to my lips and drank my mess careful to lick the cup clean.

“Excellent…now there is a good deal of ironing for you to do before you get to work in the garden.”

Hannah was done. I was undone and in love.