diamond hoop earings

Christmas Gifts

415156_1_glamgirls-events-presents-a-ladies-shopping-psychic-and-pamper-evening_400Things have been hectic around here. Work mainly. But, I must admit, between the Lady of the House and our increasingly demanding maid Mady, I have been run off my feet.  Plus, and I don’t want to sound as if I am complaining, I have been locked up tight in my cock cage for months.

None of which excuses a lack of blogging. As Hannah was pointing out only the other day. “So darling,” she said over cocktails, “I think it might be fun for you to write about a few of the things we’re getting for Christmas. Especially your new items. I can’t tell you how much fun Mady and I have been having on Amazon. And you might mention what we are getting her for Christmas as well.”

Hannah has certainly been shopping up a storm. Because we live in the country it is much easier to get special items sent from Amazon. I don’t think Hannah would be the slightest bit embarrassed walking into a store and buying some of these; quite the contrary. But getting just the right thing is often easier online. What has amazed Hannah is the broad variety of very sexy items you can order from Amazon.

For example: You may remember The Lady of the House taking her maid with a double ended dildo? Well Hannah promised Mady a double dildo all her own (and you just know where it will be used) and we’ve ordered it from Amazon. Here’s the link.

Some delightful reader has bought herself a really good vibrator and the Lady of the House has decided that I will be putting a similar vibrator in both her and our maid’s stockings. “This is the sort of power tool a man should be getting for Christmas.” said Hannah.

Apparently my own stocking will have a few items.

“Much as I love your current cock cage dear, I think it is time for you to have your chastity encased in steel once in a while. I had Mady look for something nice and small for your little cock and she found this: a nice short steel male chastity cage.

“And while she was looking for a nice steel cage our lovely little maid came across something which I think will look adorable and remind you of your position: stainless steel ball stretching weights. No, really. Who knew. The best part is you get five of them so we’ll start you off slowly.”

“I was doing my own shopping and I remembered how much you have enjoyed your stainless steel wand. Which I really have to use on you more often. Remind me to tell Mady to put it out for your morning mindfulness. But I ran across the cutest butt plugs from the same maker. So I am getting you a nice medium plug and we’re going to surprise our adorable little maid with an addition to her evening uniform – won’t you have fun pushing a small stainless steel plug right up her tight little backdoor.”

“And, speaking of Mady, I’ve ordered her three, quarter cup, bras. There is no point in hiding those pretty perky pink nipples is there. Plus, and I bet you’ll love this, for her day wear winter uniform, I have ordered some lovely, very sheer, blouses. Call it my little Christmas present to you.”

“Oh, and stockings. The fully fashioned, seamed Cervin for me.” said Hannah with an smile, “And some unseamed Cervin stockings for our little maid of all work. And a pair of lingerie gloves each to avoid runs.”

What I had not told Hannah was that one of my presents for her was a pair of long, lambskin, Italian gloves which I knew she had been coveting.

It has been a busy business year, made all the more successful by my darling wife ensuring that I remembered my position while, at the same time, performing my alpha male duties as a business man and consultant. And a good year always means diamonds for the Lady of the House. Under the tree, which I still have to get, will be a little pair of diamond hoop earings.

Always better to give than to receive.

UPDATE: Hannah has a few thoughts on The Gift of Chastity at her blog.