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Since I posted my email address hannah.obeyed@gmail.com I have received some lovely notes from people who like this site or wish to get more information about female led relationships. I love getting mail so keep writing.

Two places you might want to look at on this blog for more information about female led relationships are:

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Enjoy them both and remember that most marriages are implicitly lead by the wife. Sending your husband to the corner or caning him simply affirms what is already going on.

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Update: Well, 67 free downloads which is wonderful. Enjoy your books. However, and the Lady of the House is very cross about this….no reviews and no “stars”. Now, either you all hate the book – which we doubt, are very shy (which is certainly possible) or you should go and stand in your corners. The offer closed late last night. But you can still buy A Man in My Position for all of $2.99



The lady of the house is coming on heat – which is wonderful for her and sometimes for me. Last night I heard the happy words “Wash your hands” as I turned out my light. I hastened to comply and when I got back to bed Hannah made it clear my position was head between her pretty thighs, mouth wide open, tounge to work.

After a few minutes she decided to take matters into her own hands. “You watch and make sure you are hard when I am done.” This was not at all difficult to achieve. Hannah knows just how to touch herself and, in a very few minutes came beautifully.

“Now darling.” I slide into Hannah and, after a few strokes she began to rub and flick my nipples. I was very close and I was just longing for the sharp pinch which was permission to come.

It never came. Instead Hannah push down on my hips which is her very clear signal I am to withdraw. So I did.

“Thank you my darling. That was just perfect.” She rolled on her side and, in a moment or two was fast asleep.

It took me a little longer.

The pleasures of chastity

After my much anticipated whipping and release last Saturday I knew I would be chaste for at least a week. I am never allowed to ejaculate during Hannah’s period and usually several days after. And so it has been 8 days. And I suspect it may be several more.

This morning I awoke with a really urgent erection; urgent enough that it was throbbing inside my panties. Hannah knew. The tell tale tiny thrusts of my hips were becoming more and more obvious.

“Well, I suppose you could get your cup….But, no, go downstairs and plug in the kettle and open the drapes.”

I swung out of bed and got to work. A few minutes later I brought Hannah a nice, cold, glass of water.

“There you are dear, a few minutes of domestic duties and that’s all taken care of.”

And the erection had gone. But not the love and the desire. Which is how it should be.

A Conversation

dominant wifeHannah had something on her mind.

“You know darling, wonderful as having you submissive and chaste and wonderfully attentive is, I think we need a bit more routine in our lives. Or, more accurately, you need more in yours. I noticed how wonderfully you responded to your paddling the other day. Not a punishment, just a reminder.

I think you need more of that sort of thing. So, starting today a few new rules.

First off, I’d like you to make a real transition from your work day to our home. If I want to know about your business I’ll ask. And to signify your transformation from the man of business to your real position from now on you have a little beauty ritual before you lay out the cocktail things. First, you shave and shower. I want you smelling lovely and I am thinking of getting you a bit of scent.

Then, quick as you can, I want you to put on a little bra, panties, one of your girdles and hose. Then some of your nicer, softer clothes. And I will be buying you a few things I’d like you to wear. Then you’ll be ready to greet me when I get home.

Second, I don’t think you have been getting enough corner time. You’ve been much too busy to take the fifteen minutes in the morning and, beside, the house is do busy that if I want to give you strokes after your corner time it is a bit awkward. And I do want to give you those strokes. I’d really forgotten how much nicer you are when you’ve been whipped.”

“So, the one time around here that it is quiet is when I wash my hair. So, from now on, no matter what you are doing, when I tell you I’m washing my hair I want you to drop what you are doing, go up to my lingerie closet, strip naked and press your nose into my panties. It is a pretty safe bet you’ll be caned or paddled afterwards. And just about certain you won’t be allowed to come.”

“But I might.”

“That’s all dear.”

All I could say was “Thank you.”

Quick and to the point

dominant wifeThere is much to be said for ritual and confession and all the rest of the embellishments of discipline in a female led relationship. But there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned spontaneous whipping to keep a man on his toes.

I was just coming out of my shower and was in a bit of a hurry to get to a business meeting.

“Not so fast dear. Bring me my cane and then take off your robe and put the belt on the bed.” said Hannah who had been reading a magazine on our bed.

I, of course complied. Naked, I knelt with my wrists at my ankles. Hannah was silent as she cinched the belt tight. No lecture, no scolding. Just a quick hand spanking to warm me up. I still had light bruises from my last whipping and Hannah’s hand stung more than usual.

When she was done she waited a moment and then took a couple of aiming strokes. Satisfied she began to bring the cane down with much more force. Not welting force but the steady tempo of her strokes and her thoroughness had me thrusting forward on my knees and pushing again my belted bonds. I didn’t count the strokes but it was certainly far more than a dozen. More like eighteen and maybe a few more. Hannah gradually increased the force of her strokes, delivering the last half dozen with great firmness.

Then, as quickly as she started, it was over. I felt her unbuckle my belt.

“Off to work you go my darling.” I heard her heels click down the hall as I lay quite still recovering my composure.

It is quite wonderful to be a man in my position.