forced masturbation

Surprise Release

March is practically over and, delightfully, Hannah has let me out of my cock cage a couple of times. Just for a bit of relief. And she is wonderfully strict. “You can make your little mess but let’s get this done quickly.” I have about a minute to get hard before Hannah begins to pinch my nipples and telling me “Now hurry up. Make your little cockett squirt. Then you can lick up every drop.” It doesn’t take long and I have to clean up the mess I’ve made in the sake cup. Hannah doesn’t even let me take the cock cage ring which goes behind my balls off when I am masturbating for her. As soon as I have liked up the last drop of my come she’ll say,”Did you enjoy that Darling… Good. Now get your cage back on and we’ll put you away again.” I stuff my limp cock in my cage and the Lady of the House snaps the padlock shut.

I am a very lucky man.

(According to our Amazon statistics this month fourteen husbands and boyfriends had cock cages ordered for them. Enforced chasitity is not for every male but it is a wonderful way of affirming your position in a Female Led Relationship. For men in my position who are not yet locked up, maybe April will be the month when your wife or girlfriend takes the decision to finally end your control of your sexuality. I have to say that since I have been caged I have been happier, more relaxed and even more deeply submissive than I ever was when my cock was in my control. Yes, morning erections – particularly with my regime of low dose Viagra, are uncomfortable but that is an excellent alarm clock so I can get on with making Hannah’s tea and doing my morning meditation in the corner with my nose pressed in her panties. A cock cage makes a man’s submission constant and irrevocable. As it should be.)

Stand and Deliver

dominant wife“Darling, get out of bed. Pull down your pants and pull up your nighty.” said Hannah when she saw that I was watching her dressing in our mirror.

“Now here’s your cup. Start pulling your little cock. I’ll pinch your nipples when I’ve finished dressing and you are to come.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well, get cracking. I just have to slip on these stockings and my dress.”

I did as I was told and quickly had an steel hard erection. I kept stroking watching my beautiful wife hook the garter tabs to her sheer, seamed stockings. When she was done she walked over to me in her beautiful white sheer bra and tight little white side zip open bottomed girdle. She took both my nipples between her thumbnails and her flat cut middle fingernails and pinched them hard.

“Now come. I don’t have all day to wait for your little mess.”

Of course I squirted quickly.

“Lovely. Now you know what to do with that messy cup and remember to lick it clean.” she said as she released my nipples and turned to put on her dress.

I am a very lucky man.

Fill the Cup

“Good morning Darling” said Hannah rather perkily. “I have a busy day but I thought it would be a good idea to drain your little cock so you can concentrate on work. You can get out of bed and kneel right here. That’s it. Here’s your cup. Now lift your night shirt so I can give your nipples what they need for you to squirt.”

I lifted up the white cotton shirt Hannah has me sleep in. She brushed my nipples with her nails.

“OK, dear, now jerk your little cock until you make your mess. I don’t have all day.” with that she began to dig her fingernails into my nipples.

“So, darling, once you’ve made you little mess I want you to shower and put on one of your panti girdles for the day. A bit later you have some corner time coming and I think it might be a good idea to give you another whipping just so you remember exactly how obedient I require you to be. The welts seem to have disappeared from your last whipping.”

I was rock hard now and Hannah’s sharp nails were sending waves of painful pleasure right to my cock.

“Stop wasting time dear, come right now.”

And I did half filling the cast iron sake cup.

“Well dear, you know what to do with that.” said Hannah “Let me see you drink it all down.”

Which, of course, I did.

So rinse that out, shower and I will leave a girdle out for you.”

Hannah turned on her heel and left me kneeling, spent and happy.

Through the rings

dominant wife, forced masturbation

“There, nine rings.” said Hannah pulling my little cock through the last ring. “Not much room for many more; but, no matter. Go and get your cup.”

I hastened to comply.

“Now, dear man, let’s see if you can even get hard with that much metal on your little penis.”

I began to stroke but Hannah was right, the metal rings made full erection impossible.

“That’s perfect!” cried Hannah watching my cock fail. “Just like being milked but easier for me. Well, hurry up, make your mess.”

With that she took my right nipple between her thumb and index fingernails and squeezed. A sustained dribble of come sloshed into my cup. It was, at best, half an orgasm. Pleasurable but without any intensity.

“Lick it up darling. This really is delightful. Now the only time you will have a real orgasm is when I want your little cock in me, which as we both know is no more than a couple of times a month. But you can be drained through your rings and not lose attention. I think this is one of my better ideas.”

“Yes, dear, it is.” I said knowing she would be keeping me ringed from now on.

“Take off all but three. That way, in a week you’ll have ten on. Perfect.”

Morning Mess

forced masturbation

“Darling,” said Hannah in a slightly sleepy voice, “I want to see if you can make a mess now that I have those pretty metal rings around your little penis.”

Hannah had found three small aluminum rings which she had made me put under the head of my cock. They did look nice but they made erections a bit uncomfortable.

“Now fetch your cup and take your position.”

The Lady of the House has decided that if I am to be masturbated I have to stand at the side of the bed, at attention, and get to work. She does nothing until she wants me to come and then she reaches up and pinches my nipples.

“Well get on with it…I like how your tiny cockhead is getting all purple. Those rings seem to be doing their job. But can you squirt your mess into your cup. Hmmm. You know”, Hannah said seeing my cock getting full, “I really do think I will get your nipple pierced. You could take me for lunch and we’d have you done afterwards.”

With that her nails dug into my nipple and I could feel my little mess shoot through the ring and into the cup.

“Lovely…now have your little drink and we’ll get on with the day.”

Pleasure of a Sort

disciplined husband Every so often Hannah likes to have me masturbate into my cast iron saki cup. Usually in the morning as we are getting up and she can see my erection.

“Get your cup.” she said having first had me slip out of my night shirt and sleeping panties. I hastened to comply. I had not cum in a week or two. But I also knew Hannah had certain rules for my morning masturbation. It is very much a demonstration of her power and my submission. I have to stand or kneel, always naked, always holding the cup in my left hand and my cock in my right. I start when she tells me to, stop when told to, usually Hannah will let me cum; but not always.

“You may begin” said Hannah. I was naked and hard as I pulled my cock standing at my side of the bed. Hannah watched for a little while.

“We really are going to have to find you a couple of pretty nighties for the winter”. Hannah has wanted to have me in more feminine sleep wear for some time. As she said this she reached up and pinched my left nipple quite hard. I have been trained never to come without having my nipples pinched and, when they are pinched, I know I must finish quickly.

“Come on, jerk off into your cup. Let’s go…You don’t have to make a big production out of making your little mess.” As she spoke Hannah dug her fingernails into my nipple.

I came in three short spurts. Huge relief after a couple of weeks.

“Excellent. Now drink up your little mess and go and make coffee.”

I am rarely allowed to masturbate without having to taste the results. Not unpleasant, just deeply humiliating. Hannah watched and when I was finished flipped open a magazine.

Perfect. I made coffee.


dominant wife, husband spanked, paddle“Get your paddle.”

Interestingly, Hannah had been rude to me. Which, in our relationship, is my signal to defer to her. Wrong as she might be. It just works that way, no reason, just how we live.

I got the paddle. Took down my trousers and bent over Hannah’s lap.

The first round of twenty stung.

“You know how we work darling. You forgot yourself…this is a reminder.”

The next twenty five hurt. I leaned my lesson, I think.

Hannah had me masturbate, quickly, in my cup.

Harmony was restored.