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Husbandly Duties

“The Lady of the House would like to be pleasured.”said Hannah as she slipped off her panties and lay back on our bed. I don’t have to be told twice and in an instant I was licking her sweet Pussy. Her lovely clit began to harden and swell and I focused my attention were my tongue could do the most good. Hannah likes it when I suck her little swollen bud into my mouth and run my tongue back and forth.

My cock was uncomfortably hard in its little cage and I knew I wasn’t getting out because the key was nowhere to be seen. Hannah was getting very close.

“Go to your corner.” she gasped. I took her moist panties and was undressing. “Turn your back.” she’d seen me watching her pleasuring her wet little cunt. I obeyed and plunged my nose into the wet cotton gusset of he black panties pressed into my corner. I wasn’t there very long before I heard the sweet sounds of Hannah’s orgasm. I knew better than to look around as the pleasure coursed through Hannah’s lovely, lithe, body. A few minutes later I heard her get out of bed and get fresh panties from her lingerie drawer.

She came over to where I was standing, “You really are getting very good at my pleasure. Rinse out those panties and get the cocktail things ready.”

Pure pleasure.

Black Friday – Free #femdom Book

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A year in a female led marriage

Shopping Madness! Before you buy enjoy our first book A Man In My Position Free!
And then, when you have downloaded that book carry on shopping at Amazon. The Lady of the House wants to pick up a few items:

She has a few pretty things picked out for herself as well. So, like everyone else on the internet we ask you to consider doing your shopping at Amazon through one of our links…maybe this one to get your free copy of A Man in My Position

Recovering from Halloween…Free Erotica

My darling Hannah certainly had her fun with me on Halloween. A day spent en femme, cock caged and more of a trick than a treat. She’s given me the weekend to post about how I felt.

Hannah has also instructed me to put up these two free Kindle books for our dedicated readers. The first is a treat for those of you who have followed this blog for several years. Pictures of Hannah herself modeling some very pretty lingerie and stockings. The second is the first of our men’s magazines from the 50’s and sixties covers. Enjoy!

Click here for Stockings Tops:

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The Lady of the House

Click here for Adam Magazine Covers:

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Vintage Mens Magazines

To see all our magazines you can go to our author page here.

Girdle Mania – Free Book

With all the chat about girdles on this site recently the Lady of the House has instructed me to make our girdle book – A Girdle Must Advertise – available for free on Amazon starting at midnight Pacific time tonight and running through to Friday. Enjoy!

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A perfect figure is a work of art

Remember you can read Kindle books on almost any device.

Here’s the link for the Kindle Reader App (Android, Mac, PC)

Chastity – the Honour System

submissive husband, dominant wife, male chastityHannah has been keeping me on a rather short leash for the summer. I am at day 21 without relief and this is when it begins to become very difficult indeed. Especially as the low dose Viagra means I wake up hard and get hard during the day at the drop of a hat.

The Lady of the House seems to have backed off the CB6000S chastity cage for the moment which is a bit of a relief. But she is still toying with the idea.

What she has been doing is teasing and making me work on rather erotic books(link to a free copy of 50’s Strip Tease Artists). Nothing gets me harder faster than Hannah coming up behind me, reaching down my shirt, stroking my nipple and asking, “Do you like that girl?” when I have a picture up on my screen.

She’s very vague as to when I might be allowed some relief. As that is her decision entirely, it is nice to know that she is at least thinking about it.