hand washing lingerie


“So darling,I have to go into town for a couple of hours after breakfast. You’ve been a bit frisky and not quite as respectful as I expect. When I’m gone I want you to wash the floors. Sponge and on your knees because the mop doesn’t quite do the job I expect. When you are done that there are a pile of bras which I want you to carefully hand wash. And do those panties you are pressing into the corner. Then take a good long shower.

When you’ve done all that I want you back in your cage. The keys are on my dressing table. It’s that time in your cycle when it is best for your little cock to be completely isolated. You get much too over excited after a couple of weeks and we don’t want any messes.”

“Yes Miss.” I said naked in my corner.

“Well you think about that in your corner until you hear the timer ring. When I’m in town I am going to be thinking about how we can improve your attitude. Being locked up will help but I am pretty sure we need to do more than that.”

When the Maid’s Away…

lingerie, obedient husband“Darling, rinse out my lingerie.” said Hannah on her way out. “That will get you in the mood.”

“Yes Dear.” The mood for what I wondered with a little smile.

Our maid is on a somewhat extended leave. Which means I am back to polishing Hannah’s boots and handwashing her intimates. Both of which remind me of my position.