Locked in my Cock Cage

“Darling, can you come up here for a moment.” Hannah called down the stairs when I got home for lunch. I went up to our bedroom and on the bed found:

male chastity device, cock cage

my little black cock

“It finally arrived when you were out. Now it looks to me as if there are a lot of fiddly bits which you will have to attend to. Go to it. We’ll formally put your little cock away at cocktails but I’d like you to try the various ring sizes and so on this afternoon. Once you are as comfortable as you can be you may come downstairs, kneel and hand me the keys. I counted. There are three of them.” Hannah smiled, “I am so glad I got you the small. Your little cock will be able to squeeze in there but, once you are locked up I don’t think there will be any erections for you without my permission.”

With that Hannah left and I began to figure out how my little cock cage worked. It is, in fact, quite small and it was a bit difficult to push the head of my cock in. I started with a big ball ring but that is too large and I am on the middle ring.

I’ve only worn my cage for an hour and it is not uncomfortable. But I know it is there. It is locked in place.

Half an hour ago I knelt at Hannah’s feet and, silently, handed her all three keys.

“Perfect. Now back to work and you can tell me at cocktail hour how it’s feeling. Then we’ll give you your little tablet and see how well it controls your erections.”

Questions from Escorts – Done!

how to escort book

Escorts’ questions answered

“Well aren’t you the clever boy”, said Hannah as I brought her morning tea. “Here my panties and you can stand in your corner while I finish reading.”

Off I went and dropped my dressing gown and pressed the pretty lace into the corner with my nose. A lovely way to start the day. Hannah was propped up in our bed and I could hear her chuckling softly as she flipped through the pages of Questions for Miss Jay: An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun.

“Done. And I must say you’ve done a good job. Of course the big book is going to take more time. But I like this one. Now you go and shower, get your girdle on and put up links on all that social media you keep on about. But first, come over here.”

So I did, and have.

This is a quirky sort of book. Hannah doing the research for her book on Escorting for Elegant Women talked to a lot of escorts who have, in turn, asked her all sorts of questions. From how to be a mistress – in the old sense of the word – to finding the right man to buy you your high heels. I think Hannah has a wonderful style and she writes with a real sense of fun. You can get Questions for Miss Jay:An Escort’s Guide to Style, Dates and Fun here.

The Pleasures of Maids

maid, submissive maid, spanking the maid

Naughty Maid Art

I have been working away on Hannah’s book about Escorting for Elegant Women but it is still far from complete.

Just for fun I put all my maid art together in a pretty little – well actually quite large (100 pages) – Kindle Book. The Art of the Maid has drawings and cartoons of maids as well as an introduction Hannah and I wrote. We had a wonderful maid and we’re looking forward to having another once we get on with expanding our house. The Lady of the House has even more fun when she can enjoy the attentions of a really well trained lady’s maid.

One note: If you are an Amazon Prime user – and you should be if you are eligible – you can “borrow” The Art of the Maid free…and don’t worry, Hannah’s champagne fund is still paid.

Key thing…your first 30 days of Amazon Prime are Free…so you can download lots of books.

dominant wife, submissive husband

Shown my place

After  my whipping I served Hannah cocktails and we had a delicious dinner and then she sent me up to bed.  “Don’t forget your tablet” she said kissing me good night.  I didn’t and I washed carefully hoping she might let me come. It has been nearly a month.

Hannah writes about her pleasure over at her blog A Dominant Wife. I was hugely excited to be allowed to orally pleasure her and relieved to be allowed to enter her after she came.

Of course I was disappointed to only be allowed gentle strokes for her greater pleasure rather than being able to thrust and maybe come.  But Hannah’s hands stayed at her side and my nipples remained untouched much less pinched.  She likes my cock  hardened  by Viagra because it will stay hard for as long as she chooses to use it. Without the Viagra, after a while, doing gentle strokes leads to a softening and sometimes Hannah would caress my nipples just to keep me hard.  Now she doesn’t have to. She can ignore me and still enjoy my cock.

After about five minutes of my obedient stroking Hannah told me to withdraw and put on a panti girdle so I wouldn’t pester her with my erection. Reluctantly I obeyed and write this entry the next morning, in bed, in my panti girdle, hard as a rock with Hannah sleeping beside me.

I am a lucky man.

Back to the Basics

dominant wife, obedient husband“Darling, when you have finished in the bathroom come and kneel by the bed.” said Hannah a bit sleepily. We’ve been moving and it has meant a lot of our routine has been disrupted. And, for some reason, the Lady of the House has had no interest in her own pleasure much less mine. Too busy I suspect. I knelt.

“So here is one of your tablets for that little cockette.” said Hannah holding out a small dosage of Viagra. “I want you to start getting hard regularly. It keeps you focussed and now that we are moved in I want to get back to our routine. I know I have not whipped you in a couple of weeks and, up until now, there really has not been an empty corner to put you in. But first, lets have you erect more often.”

With that Hannah pinched my nipple between her thumbnail and her sharp index finger nail as I knelt. “Now look at that little cock…even before the Viagra it is getting so hard. Are you almost finished the next volume of our book?”

“Just about darling. I have it in review at Kindle.”

Hannah gave my nipple a twist and then my now hard cock a friendly but stiff slap. “Good. Still called “Obedient Husband” I trust.”

“Yes Miss. That’s what you wanted it called so that is what I called it.”

Hannah held my testicles and began to squeeze uncomfortably. “Well it has certainly taken you long enough. And once this book is done I want the Maid book up and then we are going to write a guide to Elegant Female Led Marriages – well, you are going to write it and I am going to supervise and revise. Now that we are in the country you’ll have fewer distractions. And you can get to work on our books and on getting a lot fitter.”

She slide her middle finger into my backdoor. “It is a long winter coming up. I think we need to go back to basics. More pleasure for me, more discipline for you.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Do you like my finger in your bottom?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good, we are going to be concentrating a bit back there. Now get to work.” she said pulling her finger free.

Morning Meditation

stockings tops and garter tabsThe Lady of the House has decided that I am to fetch her coffee in the morning on the maid’s days off. Which is as it should be. I go downstairs, turn on the heat, draw the drapes, put on the coffee…

Then I return to our bedroom, take off my robe, pick up yesterday’s panties and retire to my corner while Hannah reads. I do not speak. I think about Hannah, naked, in our bed.

This morning she was kind enough to allow me twenty strokes and five extra. I’d awoken hard and Hannah was happy to touch me harder. She grew a little wet and told me, “You may have twenty strokes and then do your morning duties and go to your corner.”

Slipping into Hannah is sweetness itself. She was moist but not at all on heat. I took my strokes slowly and deliberately enjoying every second of my enclosure. Hannah enjoyed being filled but was not about to let me cum. It’s been weeks. Which does not matter. I certainly will not be allowed to cum until I have had my punishment whipping and Hannah is likely five days away from really wanting sex. Which is the only time I have the slightest chance of cuming in her.

I came to the end of my twenty, which I am required to count out, “You may have five more.”

Hannah’s hands stayed well away from my nipples as I slipped into her. This was intimacy and teasing, there was no chance I would be allowed to cum.

“I counted five, “There, you’re done.”

“Thank you ma’am” I said as I withdrew.

“Fetch a tissue.”

I did and then set about my morning duties. When I returned Hannah was reading. Idly she motioned me to my corner. I placed her pretty black panties where they would do the most good and settled in to think about how ravishing Hannah is, naked, or in stockings. My cock rose and it was all I could do to follow the rules and not touch myself.

A few minutes later I heard the coffee. I fetched it. Hannah was still reading when I served her.

I was content.