humiliated husband

The Great Game

dominant wife, tease and denial

Just a little while longer…

The Lady of the House has put out my panti girdle. We are closing in on a full month of no ejaculation and, frankly, I am so filled with longing I might just not be able to resist. But she’s thought of that.

“So Darling, this week you’ll be wearing your nice firm control panties during the day. And then, after you shower for bed you’ll have to have your pantigirdle on under your nightie. Don’t worry, it is only for a few nights.” and then she smiled, “Or maybe we should wait until you are all dressed up for Halloween. It would only be another few days.”

“Yes dear, whatever you decide.”

Hannah likes to really have fun with me on Halloween. Too much fun.

“Well, I’ll think about it today when you are working and I’ll give you my decision tonight over cocktails. We might want to ice that little cockette again tonight. We’ll see.” And with that she kissed me and I was off to work.

A Proper Whipping

I knew it was coming. Of course I did. I had been absent without permission and, perhaps worse, rude to the lady of the house.

I showered and shaved and slipped into a black cashmere sweater and a pair of linen trousers. Hannah likes me to be sweet when I am to be punished. She came home and the maid helped her with her coat and her groceries. A glass of white wine, a brief chat with me and then she went upstairs. Fifteen minutes later I could hear the maid’s buzzer. They spent some time together in the dressing room and then Tanyia came down the stairs. “Madame wants to see you, sir.”

She lead the way. I followed. Before we came to the bedroom she turned into another room. Hannah was sparing me the humiliation of the maid actually watching me be whipped. But the maid certainly knew I was to be beaten as she had lain the cane on the bed.

I stood before Hannah who was beautifully dressed and made up. I will not bore you with the details of her scolding. Suffice to say she made her points precisely. “Now, strip and take your position.”

I did and felt the belt tighten over my wrists and ankles. “Oh, she has put out the wrong cane.” I knelt, bottom up, as Hannah found the right cane. The heavier rattan, pre-soaked while I had my shower. I received another well measured piece of her mind and, when she was certain I knew precisely what I was to be punished for, Hannah began. A brief, full on, hand spanking warmed my bottom.

Now it was time to feel the bite of the cane. It took Hannah two strokes to find her range and weight. There was a swish as she brought the cane home, with authority, for the third time. This was a hard caning. Each stroke a bit harder than the last, the swish a little higher pitched and longer, until the last four or five which were much harder. Had Hannah continued, and she could well have, I would have been in tears in a matter of another half dozen. As it was my eyes were watering and my relief indescribable when, at last, fourteen or fifteen strokes in, Hannah was satisfied I’d learnt my lesson.

“There, we’re done.” she said as she unbound my wrists.

“Thank you darling” I managed. Hannah left for cocktails. I lay panting slightly. Eventually I got off the bed. In the mirror I could see the stripes, one of which had, at the tip, raised a welt. As I type I know that the rest of my bottom is bruised. I will remember the lesson.

A lesson given with such love and firmness. I am a very lucky man indeed.