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Back to School

tumblr_kppec9O8d21qz5x8qo1_500I could hear Hannah reaching her edge and then falling over as I stood in my corner, locked in my cock cage, my nose pressed against the gusset of a pair of her pretty panties. I heard her breathing return to normal, slowly, and, eventually I heard her say,

“You were very good this morning darling. I have to say that the practice you are getting on our little maid is making you all the better at your duties. Come here.”

I walked over to our bed from my corner holding Hannah’s panties.

“Now I know it has been some time since you have ejaculated and it will be a while longer. But don’t look so disappointed. You know I like you chaste and a month or two, especially if I have Mady milk you once in a while, is not unbearable. But, my dear man, I am afraid those summer beers have taken their toll. Time to get back to your exercise routine and, delightfully, now that the weather is cooler, a good firm girdle is going to be part of your daily wear. I’ll have Mady lay one out for you after your shower. Now off you go and make sure your shower is refreshing. You can have a little hot water this week but unless I see three pounds gone by next week, you’ll be enjoying a cold shower every morning. Now give me a kiss and have your shower.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Three pounds isn’t much and the threat of a cold shower every morning, while unpleasant, was not that serious. I washed carefully making sure to soap and then rinse my little cock cage. I was quite used to showering in my cage. It was not difficult but I had to make sure to dry the area very carefully to prevent any chaffing. I emerged to my dressing room where I found Mady.

She is not in uniform in the mornings simply because she has all manner of cleaning and housework to do. But she likes to wear a long linen skirt and one of many cotton shirts Hannah has been buying her. Her hair is usually up. She is often waiting for me when I finish my shower and takes advantage of my lack of clothing.

“So, a girdle for sir this morning. What fun. But I expect it will be even more fun with a few stripes. You know the position.”

There is a couch in my dressing room with overstuffed high arms. I went to it and bent over.

“Now sir, you know the rules. Stretch your arms out and make sure your chin is right on the seat. In yoga this is the Dog position, here it is the Naughty Dog. Ready?”

Since Hannah told Mady to begin to whip me regularly to establish her authority she has become very skillful with the cane. She does not bother with warm ups, she simply draws the cane back and whistles it towards my bottom. A bottom which usually bears bruises or welts from the last session. Unlike Hannah, Mady likes to cane me regularly and hard. “No point otherwise.” she says.

Four strokes in I was vocalizing and dancing a little at the end of the couch. Mady never tells me how many strokes she will give me. On Hannah’s instructions, Mady whips me until she is certain she has mad an impression. Apparently, today, eight hard strokes with a medium weight cane were sufficient.

“There,” she said on what proved to be the last stroke. “Now there is something for your pretty girdle to bite. Step into this sir. I’ll zip you up.

The girdle pushed my caged cock back between my legs and I could feel my welted bottom being squeezed by its firm back panels.

“Well sir, now your pants will certainly fit nicely. And you look so smooth. Not like a man at all. Just as Madam prefers. And, I must admit, I prefer you this way myself. All so neat. Now all that’s needed is a good exercise program and you’ll look gorgeous for Christmas.”

With that she left me to dress and make my way downstairs to my office.

Back to school indeed.

March madness

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A Good, Firm, Girdle

I was standing in my corner this morning, naked except for my cock cage, nose pressed tightly into Hannah’s yesterday panties, hands behind my back and bottom still showing the stripes and bruising of my punishment. I heard Hannah get out of bed and rustle in a closet behind me. She found what she was looking for.

“Darling, we’ll be going to the lake in a couple of months an I want you to look your best. You’re not twenty one any more but there’s no reason why you can’t make sure you work off that last little bit of Holiday cheer. A bit of exercise and a little less rich food and you’ll look wonderful.”

“We’ll start with a good firm girdle and walking. Now that the weather is better you should be able to do a couple of miles a day. Your girdle will remind you. Now put this on.”

Hannah must have ordered it from Amazon. It was the same Rage side zip garment but one size smaller than the two I was used to wearing. Not impossible but tight. And awkward to get my cock cage settled discreetly. This one was black and, as I fastened the hooks and eyes before zipping it I realized that for it to fit property I would need to lose or shift a couple of inches from my hips and tummy.

Hannah watched as I struggled with my new girdle. When I had it zipped up she said, “Well that’s very pretty but you need to lose twenty pounds for it to be really cute. I have a few things I’ve ordered to help you with your workouts which will start when they get here. Now, before you get to work, how goes the maid search? Maybe we should look for a girl who is a personal trainer or yoga teacher as well.”

“Yes dear.” I said thinking it would be a long month.


“You do look cute, if a little cold standing in your corner with nothing on but your little black cock cage.” said Hannah sipping her tea in bed. “I’ve made you a little list of things I expect you to have accomplished by Christmas. Nothing too extreme… Just a dozen Kindle books and this year’s Christmas cards and a couple of other things. And I want you to lose another five pounds and tighten up your thighs, bottom and tummy. So you’ll be back in your girdle during the day and walking and some squats and bench steps before your shower and again after you get the dishes put away after dinner.”

“You’ll be putting your girdle on after your morning exercise and shower and it’s not coming off until after dinner.”

“I have to say I am really impressed with your little black cock cage. It keeps you completely out of the way and you can even shower in it. I’m hoping to get you a stiffer plastic cage or even a metal one when I want to remind you of your position, but for everyday, this little cage is perfect.”

“So, after I get up, rinse out those panties and the two bras I’ve left by the sink, then exercises, shower, girdle and get to work on your list.”

I heard Hannah get out of bed and head towards her ensuite. My day had begun and Advent was upon us.

Nine Hour Girdle

“Now no more pleading you silly man. I don’t care how hard you are or how long it has been since you’ve come…you were lucky I was in the mood to ride your hard little cock this morning. I like teasing you and I love how well you’ve learned to control your ejaculations …but you have lot work to do today and this week and you work much better when you are on edge. Plus, starting today I want you girdled until after dinner. Nine hours minimum. So get your girdle on and get the dog out for his walk before it gets too hot. You have at least five pounds to go so you can have coffee and a piece of toast for breakfast and a nice salad for lunch. Now get cracking.” With that Hannah, beautifully naked went to take her bath.

I am a very lucky man.

A Nice Firm Girdle

submissive husband

Time to get Serious

“Now Darling” said Hannah as I brought her tea in bed, “I’ve been thinking about how we’re going to proceed for the Fall. I want you to lose a few pounds. Say ten and to remind you of what I would like you to obtain, after your shower, when you are getting dressed I want you to put on one of your panti-girdles for the day. I know it will be uncomfortable at first but, if you get your exercise and watch what you eat and drink, by the end of the month you should be able to wear your girdles daily without too much discomfort. To start you can take your girdle off at cocktail time but we’ll extend that next week and, by month’s end, I will expect you to be girdled from the time you get up until you get into your nightie. I want that tummy flat by October.”

Nothing to say really. When we agreed that Hannah would make the decisions in the house I suspect I knew she would start wanting me to be a bit fitter. But, as I type this in my long legged Playtex girdle I realize it is going to be a long month.

UPDATE: A couple of my loyal readers have asked for a picture of the garment in question. I would love to oblige

but a girdled selfie would be more than a little unattractive and the particular Playtex girdle I have on is vintage and not findable online – I did look.

However, the piece looks very much like this girdle which I found at Amazon.

Nothing like a Good Girdle

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A #Girdle is a Girl’s Best Friend

Regular readers know that the Lady of the House love good, firm foundations. Whether they are holding her stockings up or ensuring I am suitably reminded of my position, we have a lot of girdles at our house.

Again, largely to condition me, the Lasy of the House had me build “A Girdle Must Advertise” to collect together the lovely girdle images she has had me collecting.