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The Rainy Season

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Stockings at last

Hannah seemed very pleased with herself this morning.

“So Darling, that nice man in the States wrote back. He’s having a lot of trouble with the wish list, not your fault just something about how it works. But I am going to make arrangements and, in a little while, we’ll be able to lock up your little cock.”

As I was in my corner Hannah did not expect an answer.

“Now I know that you would never break your vow of chastity but I have to admit I have enjoyed having you in girdles most of the time these last few weeks but you only have three pounds to go and that will mean you’ll be wearing your girdles less. So let’s see how we enjoy locking you up.”

Hannah came up behind me and reached around for my already hard cock. “I think it will be great having this little thing in a short cage so that you learn to only have erections when I want you hard. Even with your Viagra. It will give you a goal for the rainy season.”

She gave my cock a squeeze with her long nails.

“Now get your girdle on and get off to your desk. Lots to do.”

Christmas is Coming!

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Have you been naughty

So Hannah decided to put up a few items at her Dominant Wife blog. Well, actually, she is picking the items and I am putting them up.

Just as it should be.

So far we have:

Dominant Wife’s Supplies


Punishment Garments

Amazing what you can find on Amazon!

Hannah is still looking at canes, a few naughty books and all sorts of other bits of fun…

Something nice

“Darling,” said Hannah as she joined me in the garden, “When you have finished your gardening I want you to shave, shower and put on something very nice for me when I get home.”

The dirt and sweat were steamed off, my beard gone. “Very nice” always means wearing my panties. And it usually means a girdle. But it is much too hot for stockings. I’d picked out a very well cut pair of linen trousers and, simply to get away from the scratchy rough cotton I’d been wearing to garden in, I thought a wonderfully worn black cashmere sweater with nothing underneath would please the lady of the house.

I tried the trousers first without and then with the bottom lifting, tummy taming girdle…no question, a girdle may be a bit constricting – no erections for me – but it gives me the line Hannah prefers.

She may check when she gets home…or not. Her call.

Update: Well Hannah was delighted with my outfit. When she got home she gave my nipples a little caress through the cashmere. I fixed a bit of bread and olive oil and poured her wine. Not enough olive oil so I was sent to the kitchen to fetch more…”And, darling, I think your nipple clips are on the pantry counter. Be a dear and bring them too.” AS I lifted my sweater so Hannah could clip me she noticed my girdle, “Oh, how sweet…I thought you were looking awfully sleek.” She snapped the second clip shut…