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What a lot of Naughty Books…

Hannah has always encouraged me to build Kindle Books about our relationship but also about all manner of topics of a mildly naughty nature which I find intriguing. I have been building a few a month for a year or two and, good Heavens, what a lot that turns out to be.

bondage magazine, BDSM

Naughty girls tied up

The most recent is a set of bondage magazine covers from the 1970’s and 1980’s. One of the things which I enjoy about the older magazines is the lively innocence of the models. They are playing in various titilating ways.

You can see all the books I’ve made, and Hannah has approved, at my new Amazon author’s page. The author’s page is really rather slick.

Here are two free books to start your week with a little lingerie fun:

50’s Lingerie 50’s gals in stockings, girdles and bullet bras.

And So to Bed Pretty Girls in Nighties

Free Kindle Books

To celebrate 200 posts to this blog the Lady of the House has instructed me to post some free Kindle books over the next few days. If you like these please review.

Here are two of the over 50 books we’ve published in the last couple of years…we’ll be making more available for the rest of the month.

50’s Smut
Glamour Art

free kindle books, sexy kindle books

Free Kindle books

And you don’t need a Kindle to read them you can download a reader here. MAC Android

Fun at Amazon

Around the middle of the month Hannah likes me to look at what our readers have bought at Amazon. While there are lots of books about female led marriages there are also lots about submissive wives and dominant men. Lots of wonderfully un-related things are sold as well – side mirrors to bike pedals. We both really appreciate our readers click through to amazon via one of our links. I fear that this month our Amazon earnings are going to buy me the CB6000S chastity cage that Hannah wants to try on me.

So enjoy this month’s selection knowing that next month I will probably be typing this having been locked up for a week.


CB-6000S Male Chastity Device
Sexy Botty Lift Boyshort Buttocks Enhancer Tummy Control Size XXLarge Black Girdle
CIPA 10800 Chevrolet/GMC Custom Pair Towing Mirrors
Whetstone 19-LED 2 Lighting Mode Camping Lantern
Crank Brothers Candy 3 Hangtag Bike Pedal, Blue


Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies
How To Set Up An FLR: A Couple’s Guide to Female Led Relationships
Taking Back Your Marriage: How To Get Your husband to Fall in Love with You (Again)
The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl’s Guide to Female Dominance
Uniquely Rika

Kindle Books

A Husband in Hell – Part One of Two: When a Wife Wants More a Husband Might Just Get a Lot Less
A Man In My Position (The Well Tempered Husband Book 1)
Breaking the Girl: A Novel of BDSM Erotica
Corner Time (The Well Tempered Husband Book 2)
Dom’s Guide To Submissive Training Vol. 2: 25 Things You Must Know About Your New Sub Before Doing Anything Else. A Must Read For Any Dom/Master
Dom’s Guide To Submissive Training: Step-by-step Blueprint On How To Train Your New Sub. A Must Read For Any Dom/Master In A BDSM Relationship
Elicitation (The Training of Eileen Book 1)
How to Spank a Woman – The modern gentleman’s guide to erotic female punishment
In Trouble on the Home Front
Obedient Husband: Elegant Female Led Marriage
Spanking the Maid
Stella Book 1: Female domination erotica only for broadminded adults
Stockings Tops (Retro Lingerie Book 1)
Subduing the Husband: A tale of Female Domination
Submissive Training: 23 Things You Must Know About How To Be A Submissive. A Must Read For Any Woman In A BDSM Relationship (Women’s Guide to BDSM)
Submit To Her Will. A practical guide to establishing a successful female led relationship
Tarnsman of Gor (Gorean Saga Book 1)
The Cuckold’s Guide to Good Manners
The Very Naughty Boy
Wives Who Spank (Spanked Husband Stories Book 1)

Obedient Husband….the book is finally here

obedient husband, dominant wife

Obedient Husband: Elegant Female Led Marriage

The second volume of our story is now available on Kindle. The Lady of the House is not happy with the typeface so I suspect I will be redoing the cover – so this would be the rare, first issued, edition.

You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. You can go here to download a reader for a PC or here for Macs.

It would be lovely to have a few reviews.

Minding the Maid

dominant wife, maidThe Lady of the House has me working on a Kindle Book on Maids. It’s not done yet but as you can see from the sidebar I have a little blog on maids.

We’ve had a maid before and very much enjoyed the experience. Now I suspect that Hannah wants a maid on a more regular basis. And, with that in mind, she has had me searching Amazon for an appropriate uniform. (I fear the apron above is not quite the thing for regular service. What is striking is that there is very little by way of really attractive maids uniforms. You can get an apron – which Hannah has had me order for my own service. But the rest of the uniforms are either boringly functional, once around the bed or the every strange cosplay maid outfit. I suspect we will stay with the skirt and blouse with bib apron for day and waist apron and heels for evening. With a good corset and the right hemline a girl can look delicious in the evening while very practical during the day.