nipple clips


“Darling,  thank you so much for posting the Amazon items.  I know it’s a lot of work but it’s fun to see what people buy and,  well if we are ever going to get a cage for your little cock we’re going to have to work hard. However…” She said slipping her hands under her skirt and slipping  off her panties. “I think you need a little corner time to focus before cocktails.  When you hear the timer go off put on one of your girdles and one of your pretty camis and bring down your nipple clips. Having your nipples clipped for cocktails always makes you  nice and hard. And don’t forget your tablet. You might as well have a bit of fun with your little cock while you still can.”

I Immediately did what I was told and, standing in my corner, engulfed in Hannah’s sweet scent, I realised she had pretty much decided to cage me.

The well tempered husband

husband forced to wear girdle and stockingsI have a hard wooden chair at my desk. Despite the very moderate nature of my reminder caning, I was delighted when five o’clock rolled around and I could put my business on hold. A cane, even when you are not actually marked or welted, leaves a glow for an hour or two.

I retired to shave, shower and change as Hannah had instructed me. Squeaky clean I went to my own closet. Hannah has bought me a few things – pretty Vanity Fair panties – a backless panty girdle with garter tabs, long nylons and a strapless A cup bra. I put on my underthings very conscious of my darling’s injunction that as I slipped on my stockings I was to set aside the day. “And to signify your transformation from the man of business to your real position from now on you have a little beauty ritual before you lay out the cocktail things.” I fiddled with the garter tabs and the bra but, at last, I was done. Then a pair of loose linen trousers and a cotton shirt.

Dressed, I got to work. I hung all of Hannah’s clothes and then went downstairs to arrange hors d’oerve. Hannah likes every thing just so for cocktails with pretty Limoges plates and perfectly ironed linen napkins. I set out two candles with the olives and creamy cheese. I replaced the flowers and straightened the pillows. I poured Hannah’s water and left it to cool in the fridge. Then I went to Hannah’s sewing room and got to work on my ironing.

Twenty minutes later I heard Hannah come in through the garage door. I ran a comb through my hair and went to greet her with her glass of ice cold water. She had dropped her shopping bags and I knelt to unzip her lovely black leather boots noting that they would need a spit polish. I took her coat. “Well don’t you look wonderful darling.” said Hannah, “Put my wine on ice, put away the groceries and then you can help me change.” I rushed to comply. “Nice trousers, dear.”

Dressing Hannah is wonderful fun. Picking the stockings and girdle to go with her outfit, helping her do up the garter tabs right above the seam. Sometimes, if Hannah changes her bra, she lets me kiss and even suck her pretty pink nipples. Tonight, though, I was not given that priviledge: just a glimpse. Which was more than enough to cause my cock to strain agains my pantygirdle. “None of that dear.” said Hannah noticing the bulge, “We won’t be having any of that for a few more days. I want you very, very ready. Now go and get the rice started. I’ll just do my make-up.”

I did as I was told and in a few minutes Hannah, in a beautiful floral, ankle length dress, joined me for cocktails. I stood, as she sat down, waiting for my permission to sit.

“Dear, undo your shirt please.”

I did.

“That’s a pretty bra but I think you will need a few more. I’ll keep my eye out. Now slide down the cups, I want your nipples clipped.” I quickly obeyed and pinched them so they would erect for the clips. Hannah had no troble on my left nipple, but my right took a moment before the nipple clips claws bit. I pulled my bra back up and did up my shirt.

“Sit. You know dear, I used to prefer you kept all your body hair but I am thinking that if I am going to clip you regularly, and I am, you should thin out your chest hair around your nipples. So let me tell you what I found.”

Hannah was off on a tale of thrifting finds, irritating store clerks and pretty dishes. Like the good husband I am trying to become, I didn’t just listen, I was actually interested.

At the Lady’s Direction

I knew I was to be punished this evening. And I knew that the lady of the house had decided to have our maid participate again. So I made sure I was showered and shaved and when Hannah came home ensured that she was greeted with her glass of cold water and that her wine was set to chill.

Hannah summoned Tanyia to her bedroom and I was left to wait. I could hear the gentle feminine sounds of Hannah stripping off her jeans and slipping into her hose, girdle and skirts for cocktails and dinner. Our maid assisted – as I well know, the back garters on Hannah’s zip sided black girdle can always use another pair of hands. I sipped my beer. Madame’s transformation complete I heard the click of Tanyiaia’s heels down the hall.

“Sir, Madame would like you in your corner.” I obeyed silently. The lady of the house’s maid had conveyed an instruction, no more. Her interest was concealed or did not exist. She walked up the stairs behind me and past the open door of the sewing room where Hannah was occupied. I knew the drill. I stood in front of the bed and stripped naked. I pulled my belt from its loops. One hand on my sex, the other holding the belt I set out to my corner.

We have a large bedroom and the walk of shame was a dozen steps or more. Tanyia had her back to me. I handed her my belt and picked up Hannah’s freshly worn panties. I pressed them to the corner with my nose. Tanyia could see I was ready in the dressing table mirror. Silently she looped the belt and slipped it up past my elbows. She cinched it tight. Not quite as tight as it would go but tight enough that it would come off and denied me any access to my half erect cock.

“Ten minutes I think Tanyia…set the timer.” said the lady of the house coming into the bedroom to see that all was well. “We’ll use the clips tonight, Tanyia. He’ll simply have to learn that I will not tolerate rudeness.”

“Oui, Madame.” replied Tanyia, I suspect with a perfect curtsy. (She has been curtsying a lot since reading this.)

I was left alone to consider my slightly disrespectful behaviour toward the lady of the house. tightly bound arms begin to be uncomfortable after a while. Which is the point really, and I was delighted to hear heels coming down the hall. No relief, it was the lady of the house looking for something. I did not know where the something was and so she left. I flexed my legs, breathed in my lady’s scent and, eventually, as I lost a good deal of feeling in my hands, the maid returned and undid the belt. I let the panties drop to the floor. Once again the maid turned her back demurely as I walked to my clothes and dressed. She waited and then walked behind me as we rejoined the lady of the house who was engrossed in her Edith Wharton novel.

I knelt and thanked Hannah. “Well, no more of that sort of talk.”

“No ma’am.”

“Tanyia will clip you tonight.”

I lifted my shirt and teased my nipples erect as Tanyia fumbled with the unfamiliar antique lingerie clips. She has lovely warm, soft hands and no hesitation. Which is best; better a short, sharp bite than three or four as the clips’ position is adjusted. At last they were on and, for a little while, my humiliation was abated. I stood up and looked to Hannah for permission to sit. Tanyia curtsied and left. Hannah called after her,

“Twelve minutes I think.”

Tanyia turned, dropped a large curtsy, smiled and said, “Oui, Madame.”

I would not be at all surprised if Hannah taught the maid how to cane me. Which would be as deeply pleasing as it would be humiliating.