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Prostate Milked in My Corner #femdom #flm

For a variety of reasons the Lady of the House and I have been on the move for the last few weeks. Which is annoying and stressful. All the more so as there has been very little privacy or time to maintain our routine.

But that has not stopped the Lady of the House from making it very clear who wears the pants…”You can take these panties” she said slipping off her black cotton panties “and pick a corner in the wash room. I will be with you in a little while.”

prostate milking

A ladies guide to prostate milking

I stripped naked as required and pressed the wet fragrant gusset of Hannah’s panties to a corner of the tiny bathroom with my nose. Her scent was intoxicating.

She left me there for what seemed like half an hour but I suspect less than that. I couldn’t help my erection. Hannah explained over a month that until I have been throughly caned my cock will not be allowed anywhere near her. And she has been terrifically distracted so has not noticed how many days it is since last I was allowed to humiliate myself into my cup.

Tonight I was a little cheeky and so was being punished. I heard the bathroom door open.

“No, stay where you are. I see your little cockette is a bit hard. Well, darling, I know I have been neglecting you on that front. Frankly, sometimes forget about you that way completely. But we can’t let you go too long.”

As she said this last I could hear her putting on a pair of dish gloves. She took her soaking panties away from my nose and draped their gusset on the tip of my little cock. “Now you just stand right there and I will see what I can do.”

I felt her push the middle finger of her left hand up my bottom.

“I know that what you really would like is a really hard caning. All those lovely welts.”

Her right hand closed around my hard little penis and began to jerk it roughly in rhythm to her voice and her two fingers now up my bottom stroking my prostate.

“But, darling we can’t punish you properly her so I will just have to humiliate you into my panties and watch as you lick every bit of your mess and my lovely nectar of the cotton…”

I came all over the block panties…

“Good boy….Now put those panties down on the floor beside the toilet and get licking while I finger fuck your cute little bottom.”

I knelt on the hard, cold tile deep in contented surrender to the Lady of the House.

Call to Order

dominant wife, whipped husband

Take your postion darling

“Well darling, you certainly have forgotten your place.” Hannah spoke as she sat on the side of our bed. “Imagine going out last night without asking permission. And I have the receipt. $15.00 and, I’m sure, a generous tip. Call it twenty.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I won’t have it. So, today I am going to whip you. One stroke for each dollar. But, if it happens again it will be two strokes. Now, get in position.”

I went to the end of the bed and stepped out of my sleeping panties. Hannah warmed me up with her hand. “I won’t have you wasting our money on the pub and I certainly expect to be asked for permission if you want to go and have a beer.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. You are not going to forget this.”

I heard the hiss of the cane through the air. Hannah was in earnest. After five strokes I was arching my back and after ten vocalizing as the cane sliced. I was shaking as the last three, very hard, punishment strokes were delivered.

“Perfect. I think a few of those welts will be with you for a couple of days. Now get dressed and get to work.” Hannah noticed that my cock was stiffening.

“Oh what a silly man. If you think that little cock is getting any attention you have another think coming. In fact, I might just send you to your corner before cocktails tonight and give you another whipping for cheekiness.”

I am well loved indeed.


dominant wife, punished husband“Go to your corner, right now!” Hannah was not at all pleased. Not at all. I had been a bit, well quite a lot, cheeky with her over cocktails. Now I was standing in a dark, cold, closet naked with my nose pressed against a bra (all her panties had been washed). I knew I was wrong and, as I stood there shivering, I was hoping she would come upstairs so I could apologize. I had a long wait.

Finally I heard her heels clicking down the hall. I could tell by the sharp pace of her walk that I was not quite done. I heard the door to the closet where the canes are kept open. Then my own closet was opened.

“Get over to your spot.” said Hannah swishing the cane. I took my position, hands on the settee. No warm up. Just eight, full swing strokes of the cane delivered quickly.

“Done.” said Hannah, “I will not be spoken to with that attitude again. If it happens again you’ll get two dozen of those. Now get dressed and come back down. The fire needs tending.”

I looked at the parallel raging red strips across my bottom. This was pure punishment, very much deserved, from the woman I loved more than anything in the world.

I am a very lucky man.

Short and Sharp

I was just waking up. The house was quiet. Hannah was dressing and, delightfully, letting me see all that I am not allowed to touch. “Now, your spanking and we’re off.”

I had been snippy a day or two ago and Hannah had said, “Well you certainly need a good whipping but I don’t have time right now.” I had apologized and nothing more had come of it. I thought she had forgotten.

As she zipped up her skirt it was apparent she hadn’t. “Into position.”

I immediately obeyed and stripped of my underwear I knelt on the edge of the bed, face down, bottom up. I could hear Hannah rustling in the closet where she keeps her canes. But that stopped and she walked to our bathroom.

“Much better. We don’t have much time.” She smacked my bottom a few times with her hand. “You should know better than to be snippy to the lady of the house.”

“Yes ma’am”.

“Well this will remind you.”

The first smack of the bath brush reminded me just how much I prefer almost any other implement. A second, more forceful shot suggested that Hannah had her range. Now all I could do was try to say still as I was taught my lesson.

I quickly lost count of the strokes. Hannah was putting her firm force into each and it was all I could do to remain in position. She had not restrained me. But I knew if I moved, gave into my urge to crawl away, she would just start over.

The bath brush is quite heavy and while there is a slap as it connects, the real sting goes much deeper. Especially, when, as she did this morning, the lady of the house concentrates her strokes on a rosy spot on each cheek. I was squirming and very close to tears when she finally thought I had been properly reminded of my manners.

“Now, get dressed and make sure you put your paddling in your punishment book. I was checking and you have been a bit lazy there.”

“Thank you darling. I will.”

I stood up. Hannah came very close and took my semi erect cock in her hand. She stroked it lightly and with her other hand flicked my nipples. “It is so much better when you are obedient and respectful isn’t it.”

“Yes darling.”

“Well, I certainly don’t have time to do anything about your little cock right now; but perhaps this afternoon you can have some corner time and then give me my pleasure.”

I was stiff with excitement. “Yes, darling.”

“Get dressed, make the beds and we’ll get going.”


The Maid

dominant maidIn truth, I am terrifically busy and not terribly good at housework. But the lady of the house is busy too. What to do? Well, I like solving problems and the obvious solution to this one was to hire someone.

We are lucky enough to live in a rather lovely, large house. It is large enough that it actually has a little maid’s room. But where would you find a maid in these egalitarian times. Especially a maid who could be witting as to the interesting rules of the house. And who would be willing to provide the deference and formality which the lady of the house and I require?

As it happens, from time to time, I do pinup photography for fun. Hannah has no trouble with this because she likes the dress up aspect. She is quite confident that I will behave impeccably with our young models as one cannot imagine the punishment were I to put a hand wrong. And one of our models used her pictures to advertise a “lingerie cleaning service” which suggested that she could clean and was more than a little open minded. Which was necessary as we proposed to have her dress prettily, always wear stockings and a girdle and be corsetted for the lady’s maid and serving portion of her day. And, of course, being a pinup girl, our maid is very pretty. 22, tattooed, very self-possessed.

Plus, for this to work, she would also in the course of her duties, be privy to Hannah’s disciplinary techniques. A fact which both excited and embarrassed me. However, my duty is to serve my sweet Hannah and hiring the maid was, I thought, far and away the best way to discharge this duty. So, with Hannah’s permission, I hired the maid and, for the past few days have been training her. The housekeeping is straightforward. So was explaining that in our house Hannah was absolutely in charge. “We have a female lead relationship. Hannah disciplines me frequently and, from time to time your duties will include bringing her the tools she requires for that discipline.”

From the very beginning, our maid was taught the basic etiquette of the house: Hannah is ma’am or, as our maid is, in fact, French, Madame. I am sir. I have her curtsy to Hannah on her arrival after she has changed into her underpinings and simple black skirt and top. She wears a long apron for cleaning and we are looking for a pretty half apron for serving. It is all very formal but the very formality has given her a real sense of place. She’s loving the job.

Last night, at cocktails, Hannah sent the maid upstairs for my nipple clips. I knelt and lifted my sweater as Hannah expects me to. The maid watched as Hannah fastened the clips…little antique lingerie clips with bite. I lowered my sweater. “Set the timer for fifteen minutes.” “Yes Madame.”

Our maid reappeared fifteen minutes later…”Oh, I think he needs another five.” And in five minutes our maid appeared again. Hannah was done, I knelt, Hannah removed the clips, which often hurts far more than their being put on and dropped them on our maid’s waiting tray. Our maid watched my obedience but entirely retained her decorum.

In time, I suspect, Hannah will send her upstairs with me for corner time so that Hannah does not have to attend to binding my arms. It will be deeply humiliating but also very exciting. As I am largely chaste, being bound naked by a pretty young, fully clothed, girl will almost certainly provoke the gallant response…as it should. And there will be nothing whatsoever I can do about it without Hannah’s permission. Which I thought about as my nipples throbbed and a bit more wine was poured.

Cocktails continued. Hannah is a contented, well served woman.

This morning she whipped me. And let me fill my cup.

I am desperately in love.

Update: A lovely article on the maid’s duty to curtsy to the lady of the house.