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Busy | Milked by the Maid

submissive husbandJust as the added graciousness of our pretty and talented maid Mady has enlivened our lives business went quietly crazy. As Hannah has written, while I work at home I am very much not a house husband. Rather I have a number of clients all of whom use my consulting services. Normally a couple will be active at any given instant but this last week I’ve had assignments from seven of them. Frantic does not begin to describe it. While we have been having our regular cocktail hour, much enhanced by Mady’s lovely service, other than corseting her, washing her lingerie and spending a little time in her “corner”, I really have had very little to do with our maid. Or, for that matter, Hannah.

Hannah had obviously noticed this and at cocktails last night she said,

“Darling, I am afraid you have been working much too hard. Which I know you must but it means that you are more than a little distracted.”

“I suppose I am.” I replied.

“So I think it is time for you to refocus a bit.” said Hannah reaching for her little crystal bell to summon the maid. “I think it would be very useful for you to have a little relief. I’ve told Mady just what to do. Enjoy yourself.”

Mady came into the living room. She curtsied to Hannah and said, “If you will come with me Sir.”

I followed her and was led upstairs to the little room off Hannah’s dressing room which serves as my bedroom when Hannah decides she wishes to sleep alone.

“Now, Sir, if you would strip, including your girdle and then lie face down on your bed I’ll get you ready.” I did as I was told and was soon lying on my bed. All I had on was my cock cage.

“Very good Sir.” said our maid from the head of the bed. “Now I know you enjoy my panties and here they are all fresh and moist. Put them next to your nose on the bed. Now, lift up your hips so I can get a pillow down there. That’s right.”

Again I did as I was told and was engulfed in the sweet, womanly scent of our maid. The I heard the snap of a glove.

“So Sir, if you would just raise your bottom I will lubricate you.” She proceeded to put a dollop of lubrication on my bottom and, none too gently, pushed two fingers in to the knuckle. “Let’s get you nice and ready. Madam says that I may use a strap-on once I have passed my probation but, tonight, we’ll have to make do with your vibrator.”

With that she withdrew her fingers and push a quite large vibe up my backdoor. “I read that lovely prostate milking book you wrote. What fun. You don’t even have to be unlocked and you just sort of dribble once that little cock gets going. Now I am just going to tie your hands behind your back and then turn this on. You look so silly Sir. I’ll be back to check on you in a few minutes….Enjoy!”

I don’t know if she curtsied on her way out of the room.

I lay there with the steady pulse of the vibrator in my bottom. I am not sure how long I was there but Mady came back in the room just as I was beginning to feel the surges which indicate that ejaculation is near.

“That little cock hasn’t made its mess yet. Well Madam told me that some times you need a little encouragement.” With that she sat on the edge of the bed and reached under to find my nipple. “What this needs is a good pinching.”

Which is exactly what she gave my nipple. The dam broke quickly and my sperm began to soak the tissue.

“There we are. Your poor cage is going to be awfully sticky with all that come. But, happily, not my problem. You keep going. Madam told me that she wanted you completely drained so we have a few more minutes. I have to say this is another thing I would be doing if I ever married. Here you are dribbling away and you are not even allowed to thrust. It’s perfect. In your book you said it felt wonderful but not sexual. Ideal for a man.”

She began thrusting the vibe in and out of my bottom.

“I can’t wait until I am allowed to use a strap-on on you. I gather Madam is not too keen on pegging. I have to say I adore it. It let’s men experience what woman are supposed to put up with. Just another few weeks. Oh, now the flow has stopped. We’re done then. You can dispose of your mess in the bathroom.”

With that she untied my hands and left me, bottom in the air, vibrator pushed all the way in.

I cleaned up and joined Hannah.

“So Darling, did Mady do well?”

“Oh yes Dear…Very well.”

“Excellent. Another chore I don’t have to worry about.”

End of the Maid’s First Day

dominant wife, submissive husband, maid in charge“Sir, if you would be kind enough to come up to my space.” said Mady standing at the door to my study. Hannah was already in bed and I realized that this striking young woman was inviting me into the space where she exercised her own authority. I followed her through the dining room and up the stairs to her studio.

“Well Elliot, now you can be the maid. Undo my apron.”

“Yes Miss.” First I undid the finicky little buttons which held the bib to the uniform and then I went behind her and undid the bow which tied the apron on.

“And now unfasten the dress.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Now loosen the corset.”

Again I did as I was told. Mady undid the busk. And then she reached under her chemise and rolled down her panties.

“I like what Madam has you do in the morning. A few minutes in the corner with your nose pressing my panties should be a perfect end to a delightful day… Off you go. You can leave your girdle on.”

“Yes Miss.”

I went to the corner Mady pointed to, took off my clothes and took my position. I was engulfed in Mady rich, moist scent. I could hear Mady washing and could not help my cock pressing against its cage. How humiliating to be sent to a corner by my maid. Well, Hannah’s maid. But delicious as well.

Mady came out of the washroom and pottered around her space. She took no notice of me in my corner. Finally she spoke.

“I see Madam has trained you very well indeed. You’ll rinse those panties when you corset me tomorrow. There is a bra and stockings to be done as well. Now put those panties in my basket.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Other evenings I’ll have other things for you to do. But uncorseting me will be a constant as will a few minutes in your corner.”

“Yes Miss.”

“I think I am going to like this job. Madam is so kind and you, well you are beautifully trained and charmingly obedient. You seemed to like unbuttoning my apron. And undoing my corset. I suspect we can work with that a little. And even in your cage and your girdle I can see that your cornertime focused you nicely.”

Mady, in a white cotton nightie stood quite close to me.

“I am not a huge fan of men in general. But a man who does exactly what he is told is something I have never encountered. I’ll have to think about that. Good Night Elliot.”

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25022011 28It was a lovely warm spring evening and Hannah had decided to have cocktails on the terrace overlooking the lake. Cocktails – usually a glass or two of wine with a bit of cheese, artichoke hearts and bread – are one of the pleasing rituals of our day. I always arrive first, usually fresh off the phone or computer and I wait, standing, until the Lady of the House arrives in whatever outfit she’s decided to treat me with. Hannah likes to change from her day dress to something a bit more formal for cocktails and dinner whether we are dining formally or enjoying a less formal dinner. Yes, it is old fashioned. We joke about the fact that in another life I was probably a Colonel in the Kings East African Rifles and Hannah was my lady wife. No matter. We like it.

We have a lovely table with two chairs overlooking the lake. It is just high enough to discourage the dog from his natural inclination to steal the cheese. Tonight it was beautifully set with pretty Limoges plates, a crystal carafe of iced lemon water, crystal water glasses, ironed linen napkins and a single branch of forsythia in a crystal vase. Our maid learned very quickly.

I saw Hannah coming down the curved stair case and through the dinning room and the French doors. She was wearing a beautiful grey silk dress with a fitted bodice and a wide, calf length skirt. Slightly high heels and seamed smokey hose. A single strand of pearls around her lovely neck and a matched pearl bracelet.

“Well this is a treat.” she said sitting in her chair. “Sit.”

“It is isn’t it. I’ve missed having a maid.” I said taking my seat.

“So I gather.” said Hannah laughing, “But not as much as I have. Mady seems to be perfect.”

At that moment Mady, apron in place, hair neatly washed and set, arrived with a silver tray with two carafes of wine and glasses. On the tray was a crystal bell as well. She placed the wine on the table silently.

“Would you like me to pour?” she asked.

“No Mady,” said Hannah, “Elliot can take it from here.”

“Yes Madam,” said Mady with a lovely curtsy. “I will bring the hors d’ourves in a moment or two. I am just waiting for the toasts.”

“I could get very used to this.” I said pouring Hannah’s white wine and then my own.

“I just bet you could Darling.” said Hannah with a twinkling smile. “How did you find dressing our maid?”

“I would be lying if I didn’t say that it was exciting and somewhat excruciating.”

“My little cockette got a bit stiff lacing a pretty young girl into a corset? Buttoning on her apron?” said Hannah mischievously know that her words would make me hard all over again.

“Yes Darling.”

“And I gather you took it upon yourself to have a good look and a little whiff of our maid’s lingerie.” said the Lady of the House with a bit of an edge.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m sorry.” I said.

“No need to be sorry. No harm done apparently. But when Mady comes back I’ll have a few words for you both.”

I sipped my wine wondering what in the world Hannah would do. It could be anything from a whipping there and then all the way to instant dismissal for our lovely maid. I knew I would vote for the whipping. Mady returned with a tray full of delicacies. A plate of pate and conichons, beautifully presented toasts, two sorts of cheese, nuts and artichoke hearts and olives all were placed attractively on our cocktail table.

“Mady, can you put down that tray for a moment and stand over here beside me.” said Hannah. “Very good. Now, Elliot, come and kneel right here beside my chair.”

I fell to my knees.

“Mady and I have been having a chat Elliot. We needed to get some rules straight about her space and your role when you are in that space.” said the Lady of the Huse.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Once Mady goes upstairs to her studio she is Mistress in her own House. If you are invited to her space you will obey her rules at all times. She has asked you to call her Miss in her space and I approve. She will have you do certain intimate chores and I expect you to obey her as you would me.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“She has asked me for permission to discipline you. I have thought about that and I’ve decided that she will be allowed to send you to a corner in her space either for discipline or punishment. If she believes that you should be whipped or punished in other ways she will have to seek my permission. I should warn you Elliot that I am most inclined to give that permission and you will be delivering a cane and a paddle for her use when you dress her tomorrow. Is all that clear Elliot?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

‘Excellent. Mady, will that suit you?”

“Very well Madam.” she said with a low curtsey.

“Elliot, kiss the hem of Mady’s uniform and then the sole of her shoe.” said Hannah.

I did as I was told.

“There, we are done. Mady, I will ring if we need anything but I am quite sure you will not be needed for an hour.”

“Very good Madam.”

“You can get up now Elliot.”

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Dressing the Maid

submissive husband, erotic maid, dominant maid, maid's panties, dominant wifeI left Mady to her bath and went to one of the store rooms in the basement. We’d kept a few items which had been part of our last maid’s uniform. A couple of corsets, a few roll on girdles for daywear and three black cotton dresses of various lengths. Each was belted as The Lady of the House likes to show off her maid’s trim waist. As well there were a couple of clean, ironed, vintage aprons in linen. These had “bibs” which would have, originally, been pinned to the maid’s dress. Our last maid had sewn little buttons on her uniform dresses and button holes on the aprons. I gathered up all of these things plus a few pairs of vintage stockings.

(Yes, it is amazing that we have all this on hand. The fact is that between garage sales, auctions and online, we have a veritable vintage consignment store in one of our store rooms. Hannah hates to miss beautiful clothes of any era and so, for literally pennies, she has been amassing everything from pretty girdles to day dresses to evening gowns, all pre-1970 and ideally, pre-1960. One of the maid’s duties will be to take care of this collection – something our last maid throughly enjoyed.)

I took my time. Mady was a delicious young girl and just thinking of lacing her into her corset was making my caged cock more than a little uncomfortable. Which was, of course, part of the fun. But I had time to reflect on the way the girl seemed very confident telling, not asking, me what to do. Perfectly polite, but also perfectly in control. I didn’t know what The Lady of the House had told her Maid; but it was quite clear that Mady was very much her own woman.

I carried the bundle of clothing up to Mady’s space and hung the dresses and aprons in her dressing area. There were built in drawers where I placed the stockings and the corsets. I then carefully folded her discarded clothing and placed it carefully on a chair. Her panties, garter belt, stockings and bra I picked up and placed on top of her outer clothing. I couldn’t help stealing a glance at the gusset of her pretty panties and, as I suspected, it was lovely and moist. I admit I could not resist inhaling her delicious scent. My poor cock throbbed against its cage. I didn’t hear Mady emerge from the bathroom.

“Oh Sir you are a naughty man.” she said with a light laugh. She was wearing a simple robe and a towel on her head. She was certainly pretty. “If you like my panties so much you can rinse them out every day. I’m sure Madam will approve.”

I was not so sure but there it was.

“Now, my uniform.” said Mady shrugging her robe off. She was wearing a black short chemise. “I didn’t pack much but I thought if I am to wear a corset having this little chemise underneath would work.”

“It will work very well Mady. I brought up two corsets. The wonderful thing about corsets is that if they are laced properly and are not two big they will fit well when you start and perfectly after a few days.”

maids corset, submissive husband“Yes Sir. I know. I have one at home. But these are both pretty. Obviously the black one for the black uniform but what is the white one for?”

“Summer. Hannah likes her maid to wear a lighter uniform in the summer time. I couldn’t find any downstairs but I know they are around somewhere. We’ll have all of them altered once you have passed your probation.”

As I spoke Mady had wrapped the black underbust corset around her and was doing up the busk.

“I like the fact you use ribbon rather than laces. Corset laces always remind me of skate laces. There. Now you can play the role of the ladies maid and tighten my stays.”

“I’d be delighted. Have you ever tight laced?” I asked conversationally as I began to pull the ribbons and close the corset around Mady’s lovely tight little waist.

“Not really. I have a 25 inch waist normally and in my own corset I take it down to 23. Not much of a reduction really. But as much as I can handle without practice. And Sir, remember, I have to work in this.”

“Quite right.” I said pulling the ribbons in and seeing an inch vanish from Mady’s waist. “And this is plenty tight enough for your first day. Now, stockings.”

I held out several packages for Mady to choose.

“What fun. These I think.” she ripped open the package and slipped on one of the coal dust black, sheer stockings. “You can kneel down and do up the garter tabs.”

I am nothing if not well trained and I sank to my knees in front of this surprising young woman.

“Excellent. Now stay where you are and I will get this other one on.”

I stayed and was rewarded with a glimpse of her black lace panties as she pulled on her second stocking.

“Naughty man, I could see you peeking at my panties. I may have to send you to my corner if you are so cheeky.” she said with another light laugh. She offered her pretty leg for me to do up the garter tabs.

“There we go. I want to dry and style my hair. You can go and rinse out my panties and stockings in my bathroom. No need to do the bra and garterbelt today.”

I did what I was told and, by the time I was done, was once again throbbing in my cock cage. I hung Mady’s lingerie on the shower curtain rail to dry making a note to bring up a drying rack. When I came out of her bathroom she was already in her uniform dress.

“What lovely taste Madam has. Now, show me how this apron works.”

“It’s quite straight forward. First we put it round your waist and tie it with a pretty bow like this. And then we pull the bib up and button it.” I demonstrated and was rewarded with Mady’s little breasts pushing against my wrists as I worked on the tiny buttons.

“Oh you do enjoy this don’t you Sir.” she said with a huge smile. “Little wonder Madam keeps you locked up.”

“Yes I do Mady. Very much.”

“I think, Sir, when we are in private, you had better call me Miss. It will prevent misunderstandings.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Perfect. Thank you for dressing me. I understand this will be a regular thing for evenings where The Lady of the House wishes to be formal.”

“Yes Miss.”

“And those will be the evenings when you rinse out my underthings. I will have a little basket in the bathroom. When you are dressing me, once you have my corset on, I expect you to wash anything in the basket.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good, now off you go. I am on duty in a few minutes and there are a few things I’d like to do first.”

I left Mady. She certainly was beginning as she meant to end.

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The Maid Settles In

tumblr_mu36uyuwQ91qfbon7o1_500I have to admit I was delighted Hannah decided to hire Mady. Hannah has wanted a maid for some time and Mady looks as though she’ll be very suitable. She’d brought an overnight bag and a laptop case which I carried up to her space. As Hannah had said, my job was to make sure our maid was happy. Once I had her things upstairs I was turning to go and find her a corset and the rest of a makeshift uniform when she said with a little curtsey, “Thank you sir. I really should have done that myself.”

“Not at all, Mady. My pleasure.”

“Sir, might I ask you a couple of questions?”

“Of course. What would you like to know?”

“Does the bath brush hurt a lot, Sir?”

“Well those last six strokes you delivered certainly did.” I answered truthfully.

“But you didn’t try to avoid them.” said Mady sounding a bit perplexed.

“No. The Lady of the House wanted to see if you would flinch and I was hoping you wouldn’t. Besides, if I had tried to avoid them, Hannah would simply have bound me and given me a really sound whipping. Much better to stay in position.”

“But why do you let Madam whip you at all?” asked Mady.

“That’s actually a rather good question and deserves a considered answer; but, for the moment, I think the best answer is that a man in my position has made a choice and that choice has many consequences. Mostly delightful, sometimes a bit painful. But it is the best decision I have ever made. And,” I said reaching over and patting Mady’s trim little bottom, “it has its many compensations.”

“Sir!” said Mady in a wonderful parody of outraged virtue, “Surely you can wait until I am in uniform.”

“I can and I shall.” I said, “In fact, that might be a very useful rule: no liberties unless you are in uniform.”

“It would. Except I may well decide to take some when I chose. I very much doubt that Madame will object.” said Mady with a knowing smile.

“Yes, well. As I was saying, there are many compensations. It is a rare wife who will hire a pretty maid. And an even rarer wife who will do so knowing and enjoying the fact her husband will likely carry on a flirtation with her.”

“True, but it is a rare husband who will allow his cock to be locked up. Your wife takes no risk at all and, delightfully, neither do I.” said Mady. “But I think it would be best if we did have the uniform rule. As well, Madam is thinking over a request I made. I hope she says yes.”

“What did you ask?”

“Oh Sir, you know I can’t possibly tell you what my Mistress has been asked. It would be disobedient and I don’t want to be punished my first day. Now, aren’t you supposed to be finding me a uniform. I think I’ll have a nice long bath and then I’ll see what you have managed to find for me.” said Mady in a rather imperious tone.

It was beginning to dawn on me that Mady had quite a dominant streak of her own.

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Interviewing the Maid – Part 2

submissive husband, maid, dominant wife“It is just through here.” I said leading Mady to the entrance hall off the bar. The bar had been Hannah’s tour d’force. It split the kitchen/dining pavilion and it had a much lower ceiling, a little under twelve feet as opposed to the nearly twenty in the kitchen and dining rooms. As you come into our house there is an entrance foyer which is open to the bar. but it has a set of stairs going up to the guest quarters/maid’s room.

Hannah and I have always wanted a maid – guests not so much – and when we built the addition we spent some time designing a knock out set of accommodations. It is really just one tall, long but quite narrow room but cleverly divided to provide a quite luxurious bathroom and dressing room. At the north end there is a pretty little bedroom with high windows facing East and West. The stairs come out in the middle of the room and to the right is a really lovely high ceilinged room we called a studio. Polished concrete floor, black steel french doors to a private deck. Beautiful light and a fireplace. Yes, it did cost a bit of money; but for the right girl the investment was worth it.

Mady showed signs of being the right girl.

“Oh Sir, this is just perfect. There is even a desk. But how am I going to work with that view?”

“Well, it rains a lot Mady. And there is really nothing else to do. To take this job you need to be pretty self contained. Of course there is serious internet and we have a TV somewhere that you could have.”

“No need. I use the net but I rarely watch TV. Would you mind if I brought my books?”

“Of course not. And anything else you want. There’s lots of storage in the basement so, if you are hired, you can pretty much keep all your stuff here. We’d pay for the move of course.”

“You would?” said Mady genuinely surprised.

“Yes. Now we better go and get Hannah her tea.” We went back down stairs. “Essentially Mady, if you suit the Lady of the House and pass your probationary period my job is to make sure you are completely happy as our Maid. It’s a job but it is more than that as our ad suggested.”

“Should I take Madame her tea?”

“Well you’re the one applying for the maid’s job.”

“I am. And I think I would love working here. And, Sir, I am a very, well, liberal girl.” she said somewhat archly carrying the silver tray with Hannah’s tea.

Mady had obviously been trained. she set out the tea things correctly on Hannah’s coffee table and asked if “Madame would prefer to pour.”

“No, you go ahead Mady.”

“Yes Ma’am.” said Mady with a light bob of a curtsey which was most attractive. “Will Sir be joining you?”

“Not at the moment Mady. In fact, I think it would be a very good thing for elliot to go upstairs to his corner while we continue our chat.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” said Mady as I rose to obey.

“Darling, we may be up a little later so leave your girdle on. You’ll find my panties in their usual place.”

Further comment from me was unnecessary and so I went up to my corner, out of earshot of the conversation below.

Fifteen or so minutes later I heard Hannah and Mady in Hannah’s dressing room.

“It’s pretty straightforward Mady. I like my things well taken care of. Do you sew?”

“Just the basics Madame. I can stitch a hem.” I heard Mady say.

“Excellent. And here is the bedroom with Elliot in his corner. As I was saying downstairs, from time to time it might fall to you to discipline Elliot. I’ve accumulated a wide variety of instruments. Personally I favour a cane but it takes a little practice to use safely. This bathbrush on the other hand is as easy as swinging a tennis racquet. Elliot hates it when I use it hard but it is a good place for you to start. Elliot, step out of your girdle and take your position.” said Hannah conversationally. “I’ll show you and then you can have a try.”

“Has he been naughty madam?” asked Mady rather tentatively.

“Not particularly. And we won’t whip him hard. I just want to see if you are as comfortable as you say you are with the situation.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I do hate the bathbrush and, frankly, ‘light” is not all that different from hard. But wriggled out of my girdle and walked across the room while Hannah showed Mady some detail in her lingerie chest. I took my position.

Hannah was actually quite gentle.

spanked husband, husband whipped, dominant wife

the bathbrush

“For maintenance I always give him a few warm up strokes with my hand. A good way to judge if he’d ready is if your hand is beginning to sting a little. Then you take the brush and…”

Six quick, none too light strokes followed.

“With the bath brush or a paddle or hair brush it is better to alternate cheeks, with the cane you want to stripe both. Now, here, you have a try.” said Hannah matter of factly.

“Yes Ma’am.”

In a second Maid and Mistress had exchanged position and six sharp strokes cracked across my bottom.

“Oh very good Mady. Very nearly perfect. Now I want to see a little more force. I need to know you will be prepared and able to administer a real whipping if the time comes. Say six more but really swing the brush.”

“Very good Madam.”

It was a test Mady passed with flying colours. I was vocalizing at her second stroke and kicking my feet. Finally she stopped.

“Well done Mady. No hesitation. Elliot, you go back to your corner and let your bottom cool off for a few minutes and then dress and join us downstairs.

Cornertime with a burning butt is never pleasant. Especially as Maid and Mistress watched me do my walk of shame, pick up Hannah’s panties and face the wall. “A few minutes” passed quickly. I was dying of curiosity as to whether Mady was to be our maid. I know Hannah and she makes up her mind very quickly indeed. I pulled up my tight girdle over a still sore bum, dressed, and went downstairs. I found Hannah having another cup of tea. Mady stood just behind the loveseat.

“Sit, Dear, or perhaps you would prefer to stand. Darling, you were a very brave boy. Our new maid apparently knows her way around a bathbrush. I’ve decided to hire Madelaine, on probation, for a month. She is starting immediately I think we shall get along very well. If you could see her up to her room and then take a look for a corset for her to wear serving this evening. You can make arrangements for her things to be picked up and brought along.

And, darling, please remember your own place in our household. While Mady will, of course serve you from time to time, she is my maid and is to be treated with the same respect you treat me. If you plan to take liberties you had best be certain that your liberties are welcome. While Mady has no right to punish you on her own authority, she has been told to report any misbehaviour to me immediately.

We’ve agreed that she will defer to you as a Maid should save in matters of your punishment and discipline in which case you shall obey her as you do me. If she whips you it will be upon my orders. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.” I said.

“Good. Now let’s get Mady settled in and put her to work.”

(UPDATE: While I was in my corner. Hannah’s real interview with Mady is posted at her blog.)

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It’s Complicated

submissive husband, dominant wife, male  chastityIt does not look as though I will be getting out of my girdle soon or my cock cage ever. I am quite reconciled to my chastity simply because it makes Hannah so pleased to have my cockette as she calls it under lock and key. The girdle is less appealing. Not because of the discomfort, rather because of the humiliation of wearing this very feminine garment daily. And it will be all the worse if Hannah finds a Maid because I know she’ll know that I have to wear a girdle.

Hannah likes to, as she puts it, bring out my feminine side but, in a funny sort of a way, she would hate it if I was any less than masculine in my dealings with the rest of the world. She want me submissive to her but out cutting and thrusting with the rest of the entrepreneurs I work with. And she is perfectly delighted to play the part of the elegant, imperious and very supportive wife in public. She does not expect or want my submission where there are the social games of position to be played. Not at all. She wants and expects to compete and win. Which is a huge help to me.

As well, my job is to do the male things around the house just like any other husband (but with no nagging because Hannah does not nag, she sends me to my corner and gets her cane). So the little repairs and maintenance tasks are all mine.

While there are certainly times when the Lady of the House requires me to be more than a little feminine, most of the time she wants a deeply submissive alpha male. Suits me.