tease and deny


“So Darling, it looks to me as though your little cock is awfully hard in your cage. Come here. Lie down on the bed,”

I did what I was told and, in a moment Hannah had fetched the key to my cock cage and popped it off my already hardening cock.

“You have not had strokes for a long time.” she said lifting the hem of her nightgown and positioning herself above my erect cock.”Now no messes.”

She lowered herself until I was engulfed in her delicious, moist pussy.

“Ten, I think. Push up.”

I thrust into her and counted off my strokes. She was quite wet now. “Another ten.” she said with a little catch in her voice. Her hand made no moves towards my nipples and I realized this was purely for her pleasure. I reached the next ten strokes quite quickly.

Hannah could sense that, even without my nipples pinched I was getting close…too close. She swung off.

“Go to your corner…I need my privacy.”

I could hear her deep moans of pleasure as I stood with my nose in her wet, discarded panties. A little while later I heard her ring her bell for Mady.

“Lock him back up.”


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male chastity, cock cage, dominant wifeI must admit I was a little leery about the combination of my cock cage and a ball stretching stainless steel ring. While I am, of course, obedient, it seemed to me that this arrangement was going to be too uncomfortable to sustain.

It turns out I was wrong. Yes, unlike the straight cage which I barely notice now, the ball stretcher is a constant reminder that I am in thrall to Hannah. But while I notice that there is a weight on my testicles at all times, it is a far from unpleasant sensation. After the initial shock of Mady pulling my sack until she could fit this second device, everything seems to have settled down and my body has adjusted to its new confinement.

Going to be last night Hannah was thoroughly delighted with my new, as she put it, bracelet and spent a few minutes with her long, red fingernails tracing round my very well presented balls. As I have not been allowed any relief since Mady fucked me on Boxing Day, my balls are rather full and Hannah enjoyed cupping and squeezing. She made me hold up my nightie and pinched my nipples as well which got me very hard in my cage. Now that was uncomfortable but I am used to it. Then she told me to get into bed and allowed me to read for ten minutes.

My early morning erection was a bit more challenging than usual but I got through it.

The one thing the ball stretcher does do is make it truly impossible to even think about slipping out of my cock cage. Before the stretcher, very occasionally, my smaller right testicle would, somehow, slip out of the ring and I would have to tell Hannah so I could be relocked. I am pretty sure that will never happen again as the stretcher has a relatively small aperture for my ball sack to fit through. Which means my actual testicles are behind a piece of stainless steel far too large to slip through the silicone ring holding my cock cage on. When Hannah decides to fit the stainless steel cock cage on there will be no escape at all short of bolt cutters.

I am loved, locked and deeply content.

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Nine Hour Girdle

“Now no more pleading you silly man. I don’t care how hard you are or how long it has been since you’ve come…you were lucky I was in the mood to ride your hard little cock this morning. I like teasing you and I love how well you’ve learned to control your ejaculations …but you have lot work to do today and this week and you work much better when you are on edge. Plus, starting today I want you girdled until after dinner. Nine hours minimum. So get your girdle on and get the dog out for his walk before it gets too hot. You have at least five pounds to go so you can have coffee and a piece of toast for breakfast and a nice salad for lunch. Now get cracking.” With that Hannah, beautifully naked went to take her bath.

I am a very lucky man.

The pleasures of chastity

After my much anticipated whipping and release last Saturday I knew I would be chaste for at least a week. I am never allowed to ejaculate during Hannah’s period and usually several days after. And so it has been 8 days. And I suspect it may be several more.

This morning I awoke with a really urgent erection; urgent enough that it was throbbing inside my panties. Hannah knew. The tell tale tiny thrusts of my hips were becoming more and more obvious.

“Well, I suppose you could get your cup….But, no, go downstairs and plug in the kettle and open the drapes.”

I swung out of bed and got to work. A few minutes later I brought Hannah a nice, cold, glass of water.

“There you are dear, a few minutes of domestic duties and that’s all taken care of.”

And the erection had gone. But not the love and the desire. Which is how it should be.