Sweater Boi

Dominant Wife

Grey Angora Sweater

If I had slightly longer hair and better skin that could be me in the picture. The Lady of the House decided that, before there was any chance I would be allowed to ejaculate, I was to spend the day en femme. Panti girdle, a very pretty long line bra with breast form inserts to push it to its full “C” cup size, a wonderfully soft, grey, angora sweater and a pair of high waisted wool ladies trousers with a back zipper. Plus little heels. Hannah simply left the outfit out for me after my shower.

Once in a while I quite like having to wear women’s clothing. But I suspect this is just the beginning of a Halloween set of treats and tricks. But I am also pretty sure my darling wife will let me come sometime today.

At least I very much hope so.

Update: Silly me, I showed the Lady of the House this post…”You know you’re right, you could look a lot like that pretty girl. Just wait a moment.” She hurried off and, when she returned she had a lipstick, a bit of foundation and a short brunette wig I had forgotten she owned. Now I look almost identical to the pretty girl. Which is delightful but I am very glad I work from home.

Keeping Track

dominant wife, cbt

“Darling” said the Lady of the House rather languidly as she lay in bed, “I have the most wonderful idea. You know how much I like seeing your pretty little cock rings.”

“Yes dear.” I said wondering what Hannah had in mind.

“Well dear, we have about a dozen of them. All the same diameter. Fortunately pretty small for your tiny cock. Well, I think we should put one on each day you do not come. So, come here.” she said motioning to her side of the bed.

“You were very good last night. You licked me just the way I like and, when I decided to let you give me greater pleasure, you were very obedient and took your instructions well. I know I could have told you to stop and you would have. But I didn’t and you came. So today is day 1: hold out that pretty little cock for my ring.”

Hannah had a little trouble getting the ring over my cockhead as I was swelling with excitement. But she managed as she always does.

“There you are darling. Now I will be able to see at a glance how long you have been chaste. Of course, a dozen rings is probably not enough…But it is a start. Now off you go.”

The second ring went on this morning…

Cooling Trend

stockings and panties“Darling,” said Hannah as I fastened the back tabs of her stockings, “I know it has been quite a long time since I have let you come. I actually prefer you a bit on edge so nothing will be happening very soon.” I stood up, half erect at the intimacy of my duties.

“So I have been thinking and what I have thought is that, well. You know how I like to have the ice bucket for my wine filled with salt water and ice cubes and then put in the freezer.”

“Yes Hannah.”

“Well, tonight, while I am out, I’d like you to fill the ice bucket, put it in the freezer for ten minutes and then take it to the downstairs bathroom. Put it on the mat, take off your pants and kneel with your cock and balls in the ice water as long as you can stand it but not less than 90 seconds – I would really prefer two or three minutes.”

“Yes Hannah.”

What a delightfully diabolical scheme. I filled the bucket, let it cool and, gingerly knelt in the required position. And I forced myself to stay there for the full two minutes…Hannah is not back yet but I expect she will be surprised at two things: first, after about a minute my balls retracted all the way up. It was like suddenly having no testicles at all. Second, despite the pain, my cock got quite hard.

I fear that the ice bucket will likely find its way into my kneeling confessions. And, knowing Hannah, she will want to hear all the details of every sin of omission and commission as ice cubes spin gently around my quicken cock and absent balls.

She really is very clever and I am very much in love.