Beyond the bedroom

husband trainingWhile a woman is sexually conditioning her husband, she should also be taking active steps to subordinate his behaviour. If the objective is a fully surrendered husband, but not a wimp, certain areas need to be addressed:

  • respectful speech and action
  • financial subordination
  • household management

Rome was not built in a day and a wise wife will bring her husband to heel gradually.

Begin with the simplest gesture: when my wife enters a room I rise. And I do not sit back down until, with a now practiced gesture, she gives permission. Doors are held, as are chairs. These are the simple manners of a bygone era.

As to finance, gradually the wise wife restricts her husband’s financial independence. Credit cards should only live in her purse, the main family bank account should be in her name. In time the well tempered husband is put first on an allowance and then, on a cash request basis. He should rarely have more than ten dollars in his pocket. While it is certainly humiliating to have to ask for money, that is precisely what a well trained husband will have to do.

Household management is a matter of skill. A man is quite capable of pushing a vacuum cleaner or mopping a floor. He can be taught to wash clothes properly. He can certainly hand wash intimates and iron, and, of course, wash the dishes (or load and unload the dishwasher.) Cooking ability varies and many women prefer good meals to the pleasure of teaching their husband to cook.

Again, introduce these bits of subordination gradually but firmly. A wife lead marriage is not about negotiation. Which is, quite simply, one of its attractions for a surrendered husband. He does what he is told. Which is, in itself, a huge relief and reward.

If he does it well there may be other rewards and, in time, if he does it badly, punishments.

One comment

  1. A trained husband has opera leather gloves and stiletto thigh-hi boots to show proper respect while he’s being toyed with

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