Broken Erection

A number of dominant wives and a couple of men in my position have written asking what my cock cage does to my erections. With Hannah’s amused permission I took a couple of shots of my typical morning erection in my cage.


You can see them by clicking on the more button below. As you can see my cockette fills the cage and pulls it upwards. My testicles – which are pretty full at the moment – are left quite exposed. The enlarged head of my cockette pushes up through the slot in my device. If she’s awake, Hannah some times uses her nails to tease me through the slot. Or she’ll squeeze my testicles. But mainly she just lets the cage control my cockette until my erection goes away.

Election caged

Erection caged

Cock cage, dominant wife

Tight cock control

UPDATE: Since I published this five more men will be receiving chastity devices from Amazon. Five more wives will experience the pleasure of clicking the padlock shut and taking complete control of their husbands’ sexuality. Just as it should be.

You can get a cock cage here.

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