Spring to Summer

mistress, sugar baby, paid girlfriendYes, I do know it has been a long time between posts. There has been a lot going on. Beginning with Hannah’s new book, Modern Mistress: Leading the Luxury Life You Deserve. I think it is wonderful but I would wouldn’t I.

It is very much about the old fashioned version of mistress rather than the newer FemDom “Mistress” but, of course, being Hannah, there is a chapter on how to deal with submissive patrons. The very best kind apparently.

We are all well. I was released from my cock cage for the summer on Canada Day. We had a little fete in our village and Hannah and Mady looked simply brilliant in lovely white lawn tea dresses they found on E-Bay. Mady caused a certain stir as she cinched, well I actually did the cinching, her summer weight corset to an unbelievable 19 1/2 inches and then put a wide, pale pink ribbon around her tiny waist. The delicious thing about a nicely corseted young lady is that because ladies don’t wear corsets any more, very few people have the slightest idea how the effect is achieved. Hannah was very proud.

The Lady of the House has taken our maid firmly in hand. I will let Hannah tell the story but I can say that Mady has received a promotion: from maid to lady’s companion. She still serves of course, but now that she has finished her work, she has more time to be trained in the manner to which The Lady of the House has decided she will live. Needless to say, I remain at the bottom of the matriarchal household totem. Which suits me.

In any case, must run. I have a book to promote and Hannah has very high expectations. Very.

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